How to Get a Shiny Hero in Roblox Anime Fighters?

Roblox Anime Fighters

Roblox Anime Fighters is the latest fighting simulator in Roblox. It gives chance to players to recruit a dedicated team of famous anime characters and fight prominent bosses. The power of the team lies in the rarity of your heroes and their status. Currently, the most attractive and powerful thing in the game is shiny heroes. But they are not easy to get.

How to Level Up Fast in Roblox Strongman Simulator

This article will provide you with tips on how to get a shiny hero in Roblox Anime Fighters. You will learn everything related to it, the chance of getting it, how much money you need to spend, and how long to wait for the shiny hero to drop.

How to Get a Shiny Hero in Roblox Anime Fighters

It is possible that players can hatch eggs at star podiums for 10,000 Yen each. These eggs will spawn one of six heroes at the following drop rates:

  1. Common 43%
  2. Common 43%
  3. Rare 10%
  4. Epic 2.1%
  5. Legendary 0.43%
  6. Mythical 0.021%

But there is also a possibility to unlock a shiny hero that not only has an updated look but also deals twice as much damage as that of its non-shiny counterpart.

Regardless of the rarity, the chance of a shiny hero equals 0.5%. This actually gives you a hint that you need to catch 200 eggs to get one shiny hero guaranteed. The total cost will be 2,000,000 Yen in total.

How to Increase Your Luck

The way to earn money and increase your chances of getting a shiny bright hero you have to increase your luck.

  1. You can purchase gamepass luck at the in-game shop:

-Lucky = 99 robux

-Super Lucky = 699 robux

-Ultra Lucky = 1,999 robux

2.Following free codes can also be used-




All three codes will increase your luck for 20 minutes. Utilize this time to hatch as many eggs as possible. By this, you will get the shiny hero very easily and much sooner and for very little money.

Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator Codes (July 2021)

We provide you with the updated list of Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator Codes. Our list of OP codes can be redeemed for new Boosts and additional freebies. These items will make you outshine the rest of the pack, as you fight in style!

All Anime Fighters Simulator Codes List

We’ll keep you updated with all the new codes once they are released. You must redeem these as soon as possible because they expire very soon.

Anime Fighters Simulator Codes (Active)

Here’s a look at all of the working Anime Fighters Simulator codes.

  • ChimeraIsland – Redeem for Boosts (NEW)
  • Sulley500k – Redeem for Luck and Yen Boost [Must Join Group]
  • Sulley300k – Redeem for Yen Boost [Must Join Group]
  • BronzePiece_ – Redeem for EXP Boost
  • RealDaireb – Redeem for Yen Boost

Anime Fighters Simulator Codes (Expired)

  • GhoulCity – Redeem for Luck Boost
  • Pog125k – Redeem for Luck Boost
  • Magic100k – Redeem for Boosts!
  • SlayerCorps – Redeem for a Boost
  • AttackOfGiants – Redeem for Luck Boost
  • Sulley100k – Redeem for Reward [Must Join Group]
  • Super75k – Redeem for Luck Boost
  • Awesome50k – Redeem for Boosts!
  • Lucky30k – Redeem for Yen Boost
  • ChuggaChugga – Redeem for Boosts!
  • Sulley – Redeem for Reward [Must Join Group]
  • HeroAcademy – Redeem for Boosts!
  • EpicCode – Redeem for Yen Boost
  • MegaLikes – Redeem for a Yen Boost
  • SuperLikes – Redeem for Yen Boost
  • ManyLikes – Redeem for Yen Boost

How to Redeem Anime Fighters Simulator Codes

Redeeming codes for free rewards are very simple. Just start the game and press the Twitter button on the left side of the screen. A new window will appear. Here you can enter each working code into the text box. Now press confirms button to get your award.

Anime Fighting Simulator

This game is owned by BlockZone studio, created by MarmDev, and currently directed by Nyxun. This game was created on October 4th, 2019, and is a training game inspired by a number of  Anime shows. Push your body and mind to become the strongest fighter. Unlock swords and powers to defeat your foes. Explore the map to hone your power.

Top 5 Roblox characters

Players in Roblox can dive in and create entire worlds with Roblox Studio. They craft their own stories and choose among the plenty of games available.

The most interesting part of the game is the Roblox character. Every player can customize their own characters. It can be altered from top to bottom.

5 best Roblox characters

1.The Overseer

The Overseer is a faction in Medieval Warfare: Reforged. The overseer is one of the coolest characters ever made in the entire game. This character is all filled with its all-seeing eye and awesome green color scheme. The green color scheme makes this character much more interesting and enthralling. This is my personal favorite character when it comes to looking and the style of the character.


Often referred to as The Monkey in the YouTube Roblox community, this character is a bit whacky. This whacky nature of this character makes it the best character in the Roblox Community. In this, the creator has put together a dapper-looking monkey that any player can copy. But for pulling it perfectly a true star player is needed.

3.John Doe

A test account was created by the developers of Roblox known as John Doe. This character is equipped with a bright smile, a black cap, and all-black clothes. There are many myths and mind-boggling stories associated with John Doe. What John Doe can do and has done has often been communicated to the users based on the description of the character.


Roblox is the main character of the game and the administrative account of the game. This character resembles John Doe in the game and is basically used to publish items in the shop. The main difference between Roblox and John Doe is the color of their feet.


The Youtube channel of Denis is DenisDaily who is a former Roblox YouTuber.This youtube did so much for the youtube community as he made tons of kid-friendly content. Denis is the most prolific Roblox content creator. The most interesting part of this character is the cat shirt and the cat that is present on his shoulder.

Roblox Avatars

In the Roblox game, the player is automatically given an avatar. Avatar is a human-like character that reflects the player’s appearance in every Roblox game.

Avatars can be customized with a vast array of body parts, accessories, clothing, skin colors, animations, and more. By this player gets endless options to express their style. You are free to give any appearance to your avatar in the game.

Basic Customization

If you want a more specific and less player-customized appearance for avatars, customization through Roblox studio and runtime scripts can be done.

Roblox Studio

Roblox Studio allows you to enforce the avatar type, body parts, body scaling, and clothing via the Avatar section of the Game Settings window. Note that if Body Type is set to 0%, avatars will have the proportions of a classic R15 avatar; if set to 100%, avatars will reflect Rthro proportions.

Runtime Scripts

Runtime Scripts helps you in changing avatar properties using the instance. See the HumanoidDescription System article for details and practical code examples.

Avatar Ideas for Roblox


 Anime character is really, really popular on Roblox. The most interesting and the best-looking anime character is in fact the anime. After all, it would be a huge missed opportunity to look like a grey Lego Minifigure when you’ve got Star Platinum over your shoulder or if you’re channeling One-For-All.

The two kinds of AnimeRoblox Avatar Ideas are the animal hoodie girl and the shounen protagonist-
Animal Hoodie Girl
This anime avatar ultimately increases the sale of hoodies in the market. These are usually released alongside matching shirts and pants, which makes coordinating the outfit easy to do. Plenty of funky hairstyles and colorful socks are also there in the store.

2. Military

For many shooters and other combat-related games on the Roblox military fatigues to your Roblox Avatar ideas works perfectly. Too many uniforms are available in this choose from.

Desert Camo Top By Saikou

Uniforms give a much good look when paired with headdresses. So many options are available to choose from. This helmet, made by John Drinkin is the best headdress option available.


The Emo is a simple-looking character.  Black clothes, black makeup, and the occasional shiny chain give it a perfect look. This is a very common Roblox Avatar idea. Lots of players fit the mold and it wouldn’t look out of place in the majority of Roblox’s games.

Something pink and cutesy

Attractive pastel colors and flowery dresses look so beautiful and make the character worth using.

Something simple

pink suits best for a pastel color. It gives the avatar a much interesting and unique look.

4. The Free Stuff

You must be thinking that spending on Roblox Avatar might cost you so much and may deprive you of taking benefits of the other special resources available. If you want to look good without spending, multiple free options are available in the Avatar store. They will obviously not provide you with grand avatar ideas but you get just free skins to use.

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