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How to get capes in Minecraft Dungeons? Does everybody want a personal touch to their Minecraft Dungeons hero? Thanks to capes and other cosmetics, players can set their avatar out from others considerably.

Currently, there are a total of eight capes in Minecraft Dungeons, with three more sets to release when the first Seasonal Adventure season known as Cloudy Climb releases in early December.

Out of all the capes, some are no longer obtainable or have not been earnable from the beginning. Though some members of the Minecraft Dungeons community have found ways to reintroduce these cape cosmetics through the use of mods or other tools.

In the latest version of Minecraft Dungeons, if a player is just beginning to collect capes, only four capes are obtainable, sometimes even seven when the Cloudy Climb Seasonal Adventure releases along with its Adventure Pass rewards. how to get the mystery cape in Minecraft dungeons. how to get pets in Minecraft dungeons. sinister cape Minecraft dungeons. Minecraft dungeons are cosmetic.

Below, is a list of each cape currently in the game, obtainable or otherwise. The list of all the capes and how to unlock them-

1. Hero Cape

A cape is perfectly fine for heroes who are brave enough to face off against the Arch-Illager.

This is a part of Minecraft Dungeons’ Hero Edition, Hero Pass, Ultimate Edition, and Ultimate DLC bundle. The Hero Edition and Hero Pass. The cape will soon only be available via Ultimate Edition and its DLC upgrade bundle. how to get cosmetics in Minecraft dungeons. Pets Minecraft dungeons.


2. Red Royal Cape

The old design of the hero cape.

This cap is now not obtainable in vanilla Minecraft Dungeons.

3. Hammer Cape

This cape is the mark of blacksmiths and soldiers.

You cannot obtain this in vanilla Minecraft Dungeons.

4. Iron Golem Cape

The iron golem cape, made to honor the mighty protectors of villagers, now belongs to you.

This is not obtainable in vanilla Minecraft Dungeons.

5. Sinister Cape

Old and torn, this cape struggles to keep up with the wind.

6. Mystery Cape

While no one can decipher its cryptic message, the mystery cape seems made for you.

This is unobtainable in vanilla Minecraft Dungeons.

7. Phantom Cape

No panic! No sleep -deprived no Phantoms! This phantom cape is all real and yours.

This amazing cape is for the players of 2021’s Spookier Fall event.

8. Birthday Cape

This confectionary-inspired cape will make anyone the hero of the party!

This is awarded to players who participated in Minecraft Dungeons’ First Anniversary Event.

9. Downpour Cape

A stormcloud in cape form.

This is obtained as a Seasonal Adventure reward during the Cloudy Climb season.

10. Prism Cape

This is an amazing black cape with a white stripe that hits a triangle and splits into a rainbow.

This is obtained as a Seasonal Adventure reward during the Cloudy Climb season.

11. Cloudy Climb Cape

The signature cape of the Cloudy Climb season (Season 1).

This is obtained as a Seasonal Adventure reward during the Cloudy Climb season.

Capes are the part of Minecraft Dungeons since its beta, with the initial group of capes in the game files being the iron golem, hammer, sinister, and red royal capes. The slow drip of capes was released over time and in October of 2021, the Cloudly Climb capes were alluded to for the first time.

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