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Now, you can get a free Professor Willow card from the Trading Card Game with qualification purchases. This pokemon card is available at the Pokemon Center for a limited period. Pokemon go players should be familiar with the character, and mobile game fans can use the card for mobile gaming! The Special Research in Pokemon Go will be available from July, but now the Pokemon Center offers to live while supplies last. Purchases that qualify seem to include items directly related to Pokemon Go, including Go Fest 2021 t-shirt recently added, team water bottles, etc. There appear to be no other items, like an additional TCG card.

Trainers of Pokemon Go should acknowledge this familiar face! Mobile game enthusiasts might utilize the card in Pokemon Go to get special research! While Special Research may be obtained from July, Pokemon Center now provides the offer while the resources last.

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Get Professor Willow’s Pokemon Card

The pokemon go trading card game is currently available for collection from the pokemon shop in July for Professor Willow. As a present to pick up certain Pokémon Go items from the Pokémon Center online store, including the new pokemon go fest shirt, the Professor Research Trainer card depicting Professor Willow is included. Each item you buy shall include one card for the duration of delivery. In recent years, the prominence of the Pokemon Trading Card game increased. Fans are going to want to get into this as fast as possible! Scalpers made it hard to get the cards.

How To Find (& Catch) Shadow Ho-Oh in Pokemon Go

Given the ubiquity of Pokemon Go and the TCG, in this circumstance, it is not difficult to conceive anything comparable. The company Pokemon worked diligently to satisfy the needs of manufacturing. It is very difficult to determine the number of Professor Willow cards for this promotion. Besides being a collectible, a unique code that players may utilize will be included on the Research Professor Willow promo card. So as to receive the Pokémon Go Special Research that includes Meltan and certain prize goods. These codes are available on the website of the Redemption offer of Niantic.

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Final note

Aside from the free card, Pokemon Center is currently providing free delivery for orders $20 or more, which includes the majority of the Pokemon Go catalog. Water bottles will cost a few dollars more than other items to qualify for free delivery. But supporters can always make up the shortfall with something else. 

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