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Quick steps

  • In the first step hold the power button down until the console resets > release and press the power button again
  • When you want to enter ‘Recovery Mode’, turn off the console by holding down the volume up and volume down buttons. Now press the power button
  • In case you want to factory reset your Switch when in Recovery Mode, you can choose to ‘Restore Factory Settings’ or ‘Restore Factory Settings Without Deleting Save Data’

Tools and Requirements

  • A Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, or Nintendo Switch OLED

How to hard reset your Nintendo Switch

In case your Nintendo Switch won’t turn on, you may have to perform a hard reset. This is very simple. This is done in a couple of seconds. Many options to consider, depending on what you need.

You may want to enter Recovery Mode to perform a factory reset. But if you are selling your console, or simply want to ensure that any ghosts in the machine are exorcised fully.


  • When the system is not working, hold the power button down until your Nintendo Switch resets. This may take 15 seconds, so don’t take your finger off the button too early.
  • Now release the power button, then press it again to restart the console
  • In case the hard reset was successful, your Switch should boot up as normal

How to reset your Switch without losing any data

In case your switch is facing some issues, you can perform a reset and save your data stored on the console by entering Recovery Mode. This is required only when the console isn’t functioning properly, but can help clear any niggling issues that may have sprung up.


  • In the first step turn off your switch by holding down the power button. Now in the next step Choose Power Options > Power Off, which will cause any suspended software to close
  • Now hold down the volume up (+) and volume down (-) buttons on the top of the console, and then press the power button
  • You can see the usual Nintendo and Nintendo Switch logos. You will also see the ‘Recovery Mode’ screen. From here, you can choose ‘Restore Factory Settings Without Deleting Save Data’, which will delete all on the console except for save data, screenshots, videos, and user information

How to perform a factory reset

If you are selling your Switch or trading it in? You’ll want to perform a factory reset to erase all your data and return the console to its out-of-the-box settings. This step is necessary if you want to wipe your console of all data, so bear that in mind before you proceed.


  • Now follow the same steps above to enter ‘Recovery Mode
  • Now in the next step Choose ‘Restore Factory Settings’ to delete all data in the system memory

Final thoughts

This is not very common for a Nintendo Switch not to turn on, but do not panic if this happens to your device. Simply follow the steps above and you should be back playing in no time. Note that these steps work on the Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch OLED, too. Just follow the same process if ever you want to hard reset your Switch or perform a factory reset.

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