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Since its launch in 2011, Snapchat has allowed users to send and receive temporary photographs that vanish in a brief moment. Who’d have imagined the commonly applied social tools would grow into a significant social platform for persons of different ages? With over 53 million installation, Snapchat is among the top ten most popular applications on the planet. Snapchat so popular among Millennials in particular. Well, in this article you will learn to create Snapchat Filter.

How to make Snapchat Filter?

You have to choose if you want to make your own filter or use one that already exists. There are already templates available for weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. These designs are quite adjustable. Adjusting the colour, shade, size, and location is among the most important factors you can accomplish here. Bitmoji and other visual designs can be included as well.

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If you’re starting from scratch, you can use a software programme like Visme or Canvato to develop your filter and then share it when you’re done. If you’re doing it on your own, be sure to check the submission guidelines carefully.

For making and sharing creative works generated in photo editing software, Snapchat has the following requirements:

  • Photos with size 1080px by 2340px.
  • Size of files should be less 300 KB.
  • Save your files in PNG format.
  • Your file resolution should be 72 DPI.

Steps to make Snapchat Filter

  • Open File menu.
  • Click on Save 
  • Tap on Web Save (Legacy)
  • Click on PNG-24 from the drop down menu

Note: You should should leave enough space for between your snap and your filter so that viewer can see it properly. Also, you should cover only the 25 percent of area from top and bottom.

After you’ve downloaded your creative picture, you may use the preview tool to see how it looks on a device. Make sure to double-check your work before moving on.

The start and finish dates for your filter must be selected on the next screen. You can set the filter to run at various intervals.

Click Next to begin drawing your geofence. Within your geofence is where people will find the filters. Keep in mind that the price of a Snapchat Geofilter is decided by the square footage of the location.

Checkout once you’ve completed customising your geofence. Give your filter a name, fill in your billing information, and then choose Select. Keep an eye out in your inbox for Snapchat’s permission notification. And that’s the end of it!

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