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How to Receive a Swift Sneak Enchantment from Minecraft. Minecraft’s unique Swift Sneak magic increases the player’s movement speed when he steals, making exploration easier. Here’s how to get one.

With the recent release of The Wild, Minecraft players who prefer a more subtle test and combat mode can now use the newly introduced magic known as Swift Sneak. A lot of magic in Minecraft is used on weapons and equipment on a fun table. But it distinguishes itself from other magic as it is very difficult to find. Players looking for this unusual spell must dive deep into Minecraft’s new Deep Dark biome. This is in search of the Ancient Cities of the game.

Players can sharpen their tools by exchanging experience points and lapis lazuli to work magic on a fun table or by combining their tools and magic books in the bedroom. Other magic such as efficiency or Unbreaking enhances the existing attributes of the player’s items, giving rise to mining speed or lowering the level of damage to tools. Some have very different effects, such as Infinity, which gives players an unlimited number of arrows when used on the bow, or Minecraft Riptide’s unique Riptide trident that unlocks a player where he throws their trident.

When applied to a player’s leggings, the magic of Swift Sneak increases a player’s speed when he steals, making it especially useful in sliding hordes of enemies. However, unlike many magic spells, it will not appear on the amazing tables and is only available as a lighted book that can be born on the chest in the Ancient Cities of Minecraft, recently added to The Wild’s review.

Where To Find The Swift Sneak Enchantment Book In Minecraft

To get Swift Sneak, players must first discover the Ancient Cities. Which appear only in the Deep Dark biome of Minecraft. The Deep Dark biome is found beneath Minecraft Overworld, under areas with low erosion, such as flat plains or mountain peaks. It is recommended that players have high-quality gears with some of the best weapon magic Minecraft has to offer when exploring Deep Dark, as this new biome includes sculk shrieker noisy traps that can create a Warden, an incredibly hostile crowd, and breeding.

Once a player has received a magic book, he or she can go back and use an anvil to attach it to his or her leg. This impresses a piece of armor with Swift Sneak. How fast a player can walk while stealing depends on the magic level. From 45% of the speed using Swift Sneak I to 75% when using Swift Sneak III. Currently, the Swift Sneak IV and V are not available without the use of console commands.

Players can use Swift Sneak to easily avoid Minecraft’s awesome Warden crowds. Those who are blind and unable to spot players stealing. This may allow the player to explore Deep Dark and Ancient Cities. In more detail by taking a quieter approach to exploration.

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