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How to Stop Crashing Google App on Android ?



Stop Crashing Google App - Techvivi

Numerous reports are spreading due to new bug update. Are you also one of those who are facing the issue of Google app crash on your Android phone? Well, you are not the only one. There are many android users including Pixel, Samsung, and Xiaomi, among others, who are facing app crashing issues with the official Google app. A buggy update in the Google app is the reason for this issue. If on Android you are seeing the “Google keeps stopping” error on your Android phone, we have come up with a simple guide that will let you know to stop crashing your google app on Android.

Normally, such appalling bugs are there before an update hits the steady channel. Yet for reasons, unknown analyzers didn’t experience this one during the beta time frame and it figured out how to fall through. Fortunately, there are two accessible fixes: 

  • First, you can pick into the Google application beta and download an early form of fix 12.24 you.
  • Second, You can also move back to a past stable rendition of the Google application. Nonetheless, either fix accompanies admonitions. As we frequently caution, beta programming can present unanticipated bugs and security issues while moving back to a past adaptation of the Google application will expect you to do a digit of gadget upkeep. For instance, it will erase all scenes from Google Podcasts, and you should reconfigure Google Assistant on your gadget.

If you don’t find an option pleasing and you wish to suffer for a few more days of crashes, the 12.24 patch is easily available through the stable channel soon. When you will install the stable version, it will not require reconfiguring Google Assistant, Google Podcasts, or other apps.

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How to Stop Your Google App From Crashing on Android

However, in case you’re tired and need to fix the Google application bug at present, check one of these alternatives out. We’ll surrender it to you to choose which strategy is best for you—yet here’s the way to do them both:

Clear Data for Google App to Fix Crashing Issue 

Firstly you need to open the app drawer on an Android device. Then locate the Google app. 

  • Keep pressing it and click on the ‘i’ button (App Info). You will get access to the Settings page of the Google app.
  •  There is also a traditional way to access this page navigate to
  • Go to Settings → Apps & notifications →  See all apps →  Google. Once you reach the settings page of the Google app, click on “Storage & cache”.
  • Click on “Manage space”  once the Storage and cache management screen appears.
  • There will be a “Clear storage” button instead of “Manage space” on some devices. 
  • Click on Manage space or Clear storage to proceed.
  1. Now click on “Clear All Data”. After that press “OK”  on the warning message to confirm your action. 

This will fix the Google app crashing issue and you can continue with the app as usual on your Android phone.

Uninstall Google App Updates to Fix Crashing Issue

Another way is to uninstall the latest update to fix the annoying Google app bug.

  1. Search the Google app in your phone’s app drawer. Long press it. Then click on the ‘i’ button (App Info), you will get access to the Settings page.
  2. Click on the vertical three dots at the top-right corner of the settings page of the Google app. Press “Uninstall updates”, and Tap “OK” to confirm. 
  3. After this app will stop crashing. 

We recommend you, avoid updating the Google app to the latest version till the date company patches the issue. The Mountain View giant has effectively recognized the smashing issue with the Google application on Android by using authority tweets.

Soft Reboot to Fix the Crashing Issue 

  1. You can likewise take a stab at playing out a soft reboot to stop the accidents. Now the question is how would you do that? Press and hold the force button for 30 seconds and stand by till the smartphone reboots. 
  2. At the point when you open the Google application after the reboot, it shouldn’t be forced to stop. 
  3. This is one more (sort of) true fix for the application smashing issue from Google.
  4. While this generally deals with Pixel and Android One phones, your situation will be unique depending on the gadget you are utilizing. In case reboot doesn’t work, follow the two strategies above to fix the issue.

Final note 

In this way, you can Stop Crashing Google App on Android devices. Taking into account what this update means for some Android clients across the world, one can anticipate that the company should deliver another update soon to fix this issue. The most recent Google application 12.24 beta accessible on the Play Store has fixes for the bug, and it should carry out to the steady channel soon. After you fix the application crashes, look at a couple of Google Assistant games to help ease up the state of mind

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