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How to Stop hackers from reading your WhatsApp messages?



Everyone is familiar with Hacking as it has become just in time game for Hackers. Whatsapp is the most popular platform to socialize with more than 2 billion active users. It is also exposed to the risks of hacking. Hackers simply use social engineering and get into your WhatsApp account.  WhatsApp owns the world’s most secure encryption technology to protect users’ data from prying eyes, but still unsafe. Hackers can get access to your chats – whether it be a chat or messages user. Here we have come to the rescue that How to Stop hackers from reading your private WhatsApp messages.

To stop them you just need to change some settings. With this, you can stay one step ahead and keep your data safe on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp validates clients dependent on their telephone number, sending a confirmation code over SMS. As a component of the plan to “hack” a client’s record, numerous WhatsApp clients got trick calls and messages previously, from malignant clients who request “help” while acting like a known individual. This “social designing” typically incorporates requesting a check code alongside reasons, for example, “their telephone network is inaccessible”. 

WhatsApp’s security strategy might be addressed, yet there are a few provisions in the application by empowering you to abstain from being a casualty of hacking. If you don’t want face above all from happening to you, here are the steps to securing your WhatsApp account. You can simply decline any requests from anyone claiming to be your friend, requesting for a confirmation code — regardless of the what’s the reason.

Let’s take a look at the features available and how you can Stop hackers from reading your private WhatsApp messages.

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How to Stop hackers from reading your private WhatsApp messages?

Enable two-step verification to stop hackers 

This setting is by a long shot the main setting clients should empower on their WhatsApp account to shield themselves from programmers. The setting permits you to set a six-digit PIN for you, that will be utilized to open your record after you accept your SMS confirmation code. Regardless of whether a programmer figures out how to get hold of your SMS code, they can not sign in to your record as they are not having this code.


Firstly, open your WhatsApp to enable two-step verification

Step -2

Now you just need to tap Settings and click on Account there.

Step -3

Here you will get a two-step verification option on the screen.

Step -4

Now enable this option.


Now you need to put in your 6 digit PIN.

Step -6

Then confirm the PIN you have entered.

Step -7

After doing this, you will also get the option to add an email address.

Step -8

 You can use this email in case you forget the PIN. You can also skip the email.

Step -9

In case you skip the email, WhatsApp will save your PIN. it will ask you to enter the pin, again and again, to make sure you remember it.

Double-check your privacy settings to stop hackers 

Hackers do not straightforwardly identify privacy settings in taking control of your account. These settings give a very awesome thought of what your identity is and individuals you are in touch with, which can be users for social engineering. To prevent this from happening, you should set your security settings to keep your own data out of the hands of hackers and corrupt components.

Step 1

 Firstly, go to Settings on WhatsApp and tap on Account and select the option Privacy.

Step 2 

Examine your WhatsApp settings for its Last Seen, About, Profile, and Status. Make sure they are good enough to go to “My contacts” to guarantee nobody who you don’t know can see this data.

Step 3 

Ensure that you block any messages from obscure senders requesting individual data and report them to WhatsApp utilizing the in-talk menu.

Don’t click on any suspicious link to stop hackers

Do you often get irregular connections as messages from your contact on WhatsApp? Indeed, then, at that point, you ought to never tap on joins that you find off-putting. Truth be told, it’s a smart thought to first know what’s really going on with the sent connection from your contact and afterward click on it. A few reports propose that WhatsApp is dealing with a “dubious connection” highlight, which will make it simple for clients to discover a specific connection is real or not.

Final Note 

There’s no question, end-to-end encryption makes it substantially harder for hackers to peruse WhatsApp messages. While WhatsApp is safer than other informing applications — yet not 100% secure. So to protect yourself from their attack to steal your data there are different ways you can opt.

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