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How to Take a Screenshot on a Laptop. Taking screenshots on your laptop is very simple and easy.

In today’s situation where everything is done online, you need to take screenshots on your laptop to capture your work. A screenshot is a still image that captures what you see on your screen.

Capture a still image of anything on your screen during your work day or in class and save it as a JPG or PNG file for later use.

But, both Windows and macOS laptops have their own methods or commands for taking screenshots.

Below is a list of different ways to take screenshots on your laptop.

A screenshot on a Windows 7/10 laptop

Both Windows 10 and Windows 7 have a unique application called “Snipping Tool” that allows you to take any screenshot. This app takes screenshots and saves them as image files on your device.

1. Take a screenshot with the snipping tool

2. Search for Snipping Tool in the Windows search box and open it.

3. Click New and take a screenshot.

4. Move the crosshairs from where you want the screenshot to start and drag to select the area.

5. Then click the Snip Snip icon to save the screenshot.

Take a screenshot using keyboard shortcuts:

The easiest way to take a screenshot is to press the Windows key and the “PrtScn” (PrintScreen) key simultaneously. Usually next to the function keys on the top row. A memory box will appear. Save the image anywhere and give the image a file name. Then press the “Save” tab.

Capture screenshot with Alt+PrtScn

Similar to the method above, this option copies the active window. working screen. Hold the “Alt” key and press the “PrtScn” key to take a screenshot.

Windows key + Shift + S for a specific part

To capture a particular part of the screen, you need to press Windows, Shift + S three keys at the same time. This will darken the screen and change the mouse pointer to a drag, allowing you to select the portion you want to capture. The screenshot is then copied to your clipboard.

Save screenshot directly with Windows key + PrtScn

If you don’t want to copy the screenshot to your clipboard, you can use the keyboard shortcut command Windows key + PrtScn on your Windows laptop to save it as an image file. Pressing these keys will take a screenshot and save it to your Pictures folder.

Windows key+G

This option is the most popular among gamers. The player can press two buttons on him. Combine Windows and G to create game overlays. Then click the camera he icon or press the Windows key + Alt + PrtScn to take a screenshot.

How to take a screenshot on a macOS laptop

1. macOS laptops also have various options for taking screenshots. The easiest way to take a screenshot on a macOS laptop is to press Command + Shift + 3. Pressing these three buttons at the same time will capture a still image of the entire screen.

2. Cmd+Shift+4 is an advanced command that allows you to capture specific parts of your screen.

3. You can easily take a screenshot on your macOS laptop by invoking Command+Shift+5. This option gives you the freedom to manage your screenshots. Press Enter or select the Capture Selection option from the small box below.

4. Similarly, Command+Shift+6. This option is only available on MacBook versions with Touch Bar. All screenshots taken on your macOS laptop are saved to your desktop by default.

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