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Foxes in Minecraft are very cautious and may flee if you will try to reach them. Knowing how to tame a fox in Minecraft will allow you to get a buddy to accompany you in continuing with the adventure, and who would not want a spunky pet by their side? If you don’t find it exciting enough, taming a Minecraft fox unlocks the opportunity to breed it. It will give you some instantly tamed pups to supplement your brood. It is totally up to you how you can use this power, but it is easy to continue this procedure running until you are commanding a whole fox military to do your calling in Minecraft if that appeals to you.

However, if you want to tame a fox in Minecraft, you must go seeking for them at night and have some delicious fruit on hand. Moving ahead, let’s see a way to tame a fox so you can get one of your own.

Where to find a Fox in Minecraft

Before starting look where you can find a Fox in Minecraft. One thing to you have to keep in mind regarding Minecraft foxes is that they are nocturnal animals. It means that if anyone thinks to start, their quest will have to do so at night. Of course, while you are around, things become a little more hazardous, so novices may want to ensure they can fend off anything that could want to convert your new pet into supper before they go fox-hunting.

You can find foxes at night in taiga biomes because they like to nest in lush trees. You can also search them in the taiga biomes of taiga, huge tree taiga, and snow taiga. If you live on that part of the planet, try to locate them in taiga communities.

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How to tame a fox in ‘Minecraft’

To tame a fox, you need to make two wild foxes breed and have a child. Here’s how to go about it. Find and catch two foxes. You must first locate your wild foxes. As mentioned above, you can find the fox in the taiga biome, with the small caveat that they may migrate to neighboring biomes. The taiga biome is different as it is tall, green spruce trees. It has several versions, including snowy taigas with white foxes.

A wild fox is a capricious and timid creature. You’ll want to look for them throughout the day when most of them will be sleeping. If you observe a curled-up, conked-out fox, start crouching right away. To lean back on a computer, you can use the shift key, or you can use your controller’s crouch button if playing on a console. Usually, during the day, foxes snooze, while at night, they hunt.

Create a pen all across the fox while still kneeling. You can build your pen out of any block, but the walls should be at least three blocks tall. This will ensure that it cannot escape. You won’t be able to stop crouching until the fox is safely contained in its pen. When you uncrouch, the foxes’ fight-or-flight response activates, and they flee. If you observe two foxes close to each other, catch them both in the same pen. You can also use fences or blocks to catch both foxes. Because this is unusual, you will almost certainly need to discover and trap the foxes separately. 

After that, you need to build a wall of blocks to join two traps. If indeed the foxes you locate are spread apart and you do not want to engage in a major construction project, you can utilize a boat. Build a boat beside a fox, and it will be imprisoned inside if it steps into it. Now you can take the boat to the other fox and capture both of them. Irrespective of the choice you make, you need to end up with a reasonably compact enclosure for the two foxes. Bring the foxes together.

Handy tip: If you are taking part in Creative mode, you can create a limitless number of foxes. You can also switch to Creative mode. Simply locate the Fox Spawn Egg item in your unlimited collection and use it in any empty place. You still need to capture at least two of them. The Fox Spawn Egg allows you to make foxes for free.

Feed the foxes sweet berries

To Tame A Fox In Minecraft, feed the berries to the foxes and for the same, you should have two older foxes with you. Either you wait for wrestling foxes or just give away a few Fox Spawn Eggs. Now, wait for a newborn fox to mature if you catch one.

After you approach the two adult foxes and grab a tasty fruit. These are drawn from the green-and-red shrubs. There is a possibility to encounter and which slows and injures you as you walk through them. 

Crouch if you’re having trouble getting close enough to feed the foxes. Your Berries should be fed to both of your foxes. Put the sweet berries in the Hotbar before approaching the fox and feeding it a berry using the berries. Crouch if you feel trouble getting close enough to feed the foxes. This young fox is your golden goose: they’ll be lovely and docile, in contrast to their parents, who will still go insane as you release the crouch key. 

Your baby fox will appear and remain close to its parents. You are not done yet. Even if the fox is gentle, it is still out of your hands. Stop the newborn fox from following its parents. While the new baby fox’s attitude may be distant from the tree, if you leave it alone, it will always stay with its parents. This means that if they flee from you, it will flee as well.

This can be remedied by attaching a leash to the newborn fox and strolling it away from its parents. You can make a lead by mixing thread and a slime ball, or you can find one at random in chests around the globe. The scumbag handles the lead’s stickiness. Connect the lead by equipping it then use it on the baby fox. After this, you can gently guide him away to begin a new life. Once you are a few bits away, it’ll forget about its parents and cease following them. Now are done with capturing your first domesticated fox.

Final Note 

Now that you know how to tame a fox in Minecraft, all you have to do is explore the biomes of your choosing and capture some dedicated pets for yourself. Simply outfit yourself with Sweet Berries, patience, and resources for some late-night reconnaissance until you come upon these fuzzy, soon-to-be companions. It’s also a good idea to name your new tame foxes, it will help you keep a track of them.

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