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Let’s Play (LP) is a type of video blog in which a gamer plays a popular or seemingly interesting computer game, recording their reaction on a cam or simply on a microphone.

The most popular platform for uploading gaming videos is YouTube, and by uploading your content there, you can start earning money. Money can be made through monetization and advertising collaborations. On average, YouTubers that have a million subscribers can make from $5,000 a month and more.

Today we’ll tell you how to upload your first gaming video to YouTube.

How to upload a gaming video to YouTube from your computer

To upload a video to youtube, follow these steps:

Go to YouTube, click your avatar, and then click “Creative Studio.”

  1. Select or drag and drop a video into the window by clicking the upload icon.
  2. Specify the title of the video, add a description and tags. Click “Next.”
  3. Choose one of the automatically generated thumbnails, or upload your own picture. If your channel has playlists, you can put the video into one of them right away.
  4. Specify the target audience and set age limits if necessary. If needed, add cues with links to other videos and a splash screen.
  5. If no violations are found, click “Next.” Otherwise, you’ll need to resolve any points of contention first.

If you want to add the video immediately, select “Save or Publish”, “Open Access” and click “Publish”. You can also schedule the publication for a certain time or limit access to it. If you check “Premiere Now,” subscribers will receive a notification and can watch the video in real-time.

The video will then appear on the channel. For greater reach, you can share a link to the video on social networks right from the download screen.

What you need to make a video

To make a good let’s play video, you need good hardware and software with which to process the clips.

The hardware you’ll need is:

  1. A good camera;
  2. A good quality microphone;
  3. Lighting.

Perhaps these are the most important components that’ll make your video enjoyable to watch. And for your own convenience, you can choose one of the best gaming keyboards.

As for the video itself, you’ll get help in the editing process:

  • OBS Studio is the most popular software for creating games videos and streaming shows;
  • Movavi Video Converter is a video converter that’ll help you in rapidly editing your videos easily without any loss of quality.

Please note that the YouTube platform doesn’t allow you to upload videos in MKV, but you can easily learn how to change MKV to MP4.

A couple of useful tips to help promote and manage your gaming channel

in the end, we’ll give some tips for beginner gaming bloggers, that’ll help you in maintaining your channel on YouTube.

Define your target audience

It’s impossible to become a successful blogger without defining your target audience. You need to know who your videos are aimed at — this is the only way to constantly increase the number of subscribers. Before you create a channel, you should imagine the person who will watch it. Will your audience be Minecraft fans or adore Roblox? What gender are they? What age are they? Where do they live? The better the target audience is defined, the more insight you have into what to shoot and how to shoot it.

Think about the stylistic design of the channel

When creating a channel, you not only need to come up with its theme but also work on the overall stylistic design of the account. The channel should have its own differences: color scheme, main images, cap design, avatar, etc.

Maintain feedback

Maintaining feedback from subscribers is very important so they don’t feel the distance between themselves and the person they’re watching. The main recommendations are to answer viewers’ questions, listen to other people’s opinions and advice in the comments. But you should immediately ignore the haters unless they are constructive criticism. This is exactly what you need to listen to in order to understand what you could have done better.

Publish YouTube Shorts

This format is popular because they are very short videos, but watching them can bring an audience to your channel. In Shorts, for example, you can post highlights from your video to make people want to watch it.

Don’t forget about trends

To draw the attention of your audience, keep track of what games are trending right now and try to release a video on them.


By setting a goal and sticking to the recommendations from experienced YouTubers, you can be very successful in running a gaming channel on YouTube! Remember to include descriptions and tags in your video, respond to comments from viewers, and share your gaming ingenuity on social media. The more active you are, the more subscribers your channel will attract. Feel free to express yourself and do what you like!

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