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Let’s monetize podcast to make it reach a large number of people. Spotify is one of the world’s most popular audio streaming platforms.  356 million users across 178 markets use it. So if you are planning to start a podcast you should get your podcast on Spotify to make your thoughts and voice reach millions of people globally and grow your audience base. But, uploading podcasts to streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, SoundCloud and Gaana is different from publishing videos on YouTube.

Spotify launches Greenroom, another Clubhouse competitor

Spotify is not a podcast hosting app which means you can not directly upload your podcasts on the app. You need to submit your podcast on a hosting platform. It will help you distribute your show to Spotify and other listening platforms. The hosting platform acts as a basecamp for your podcasts. It provides you a number of tools to record, edit, save and submit your podcast on Spotify.

First, you have to make your podcast, upload it and then publish your podcast on a hosting platform. Your hosting platform will have the ultimate responsibility of posting or uploading your future episodes.

Choosing a hosting platform

A number of hosting platforms are available for your use but not all of them distribute directly to Spotify. Therefore before choosing a hosting platform, you must verify the list of listening platforms it supports.

Some of the top recommendations by us include  Anchor, Buzzsprout, Podbean, Simplecast, and Acast. All these hosting platforms are great for beginners and let you directly upload your podcast to Spotify. Let’s take a look at Anchor.

Upload podcast on Spotify using Anchor

  1. The first step is to download the Anchor app on your phone or visit www.anchor.FM.
  2. Set up your account
  3. Upload your first podcast
  4. In the description of the podcast add a title, description and upload your Channel art.
  5. Once done, tap on Publish Now.
  6. You have to type your Podcast name and also describe what’s it about.
  7. Further, fill in all the details and then finally tap Publish my podcast.
  8. You can then check the distribution status the next day. And, once your podcast is approved, it will take a few hours or a day to be visible on Spotify and other supported platforms.
  9. When you upload a new episode on your hosting platform, it will go directly live on Spotify in 10 minutes.

Upload podcast on Spotify Using RSS feed link

If your hosting platform does not distribute podcasts to Spotify directly, then you have to upload your podcast on Spotify.

  1. Go to your hosting platform and copy the RSS feed link.
  2. Head to
  3. Create your account there and click on the three dots at the top left corner and tap Add or claim your podcast > Get started.
  4. Now, paste the RSS feed link that you copied from your hosting platform and tap Next.
  5. Spotify verification code will be sent to your email ID. Enter OTP and fill in the details such as category, language, and country, and tap Next.
  6. Now submit your podcast on Spotify.

How to Monetize a Podcast | 12 Tried & Tested Monetization Methods

It’s absolutely possible to make money with a podcast. Plenty of PODCASTERS are making a living doing that, right now. Others are happy to bring in enough to cover their hosting costs or pay for a takeaway every few weeks. Making money through podcasts is not the piece of cake. You’ve probably heard a lot about big-name podcasters earning big chunks of cash.

What to Have in Place BEFORE Podcast Monetization

If your sole aim of making a podcast is money then you do definitely not get successful at it. Here are the 3 big factors we came up with which determine whether you’ll be able to make money from your podcast:

  • Content
  • Presentation, Delivery, & Performance
  • Building Relationships & Community

1. Content

The soul of any podcast is the content. If your content is original and unique then you will definitely get a good customer base and will start earning money very early.

2. Presentation, Delivery, & Performance

The podcast is an art of speaking. What you have to focus on is your listener’s attention. This doesn’t mean you have to pretend someone else. Focus on your audio and personality and look for ways to improve it. The audience gets attracts to the passion and uniqueness so inculcate these traits in your podcast.

3. Building Relationships & Community

The best way to make your podcasts successful is to build a healthy relationship with your audience. Not only does your audience need to connect with your staff but also with you as an individual. If you have no community and no interactions then it isn’t a conversation, and you are just talking at your audience and not with them. If you will get involved with people they will connect with you more and will trust you more. This will be so good for the progress of your podcast.

When Should I Think About Monetizing My Podcast?

The idea of creating a podcast is not always about making money but making your art reach millions of people. But definitely, your passion for talking about things that excite you may turn into a full-time job and may help you in getting money. A podcast with a captive audience helps in monetizing your podcast.

The audience was if variables involve in your podcast grows. But there are too many variables in podcasting to put hard numbers on these things. Instead, it’s better to look at listener engagement.

To increase your audience base to the maximum you may even opt for collaborations with other artists.  But, if you’re doing it yourself, it’s perfectly possible to earn a decent sponsorship income once you pass the 200 to 300 mark, but only if you have a particular niche and consistent audience.

How to Choose a Method to monetize podcast

The first question here will be what exactly you are engaged in?

Are you:

  • a teacher?
  • a coach?
  • a thought leader?
  • a performer?
  • a creator?

What is the main purpose of your podcast? What do you talk about most? and What is your target audience?

These questions are very crucial in deciding the monetization option for your podcast. Once you know where you excel, you’ll be much better placed to choose the method that suits you below.

How to monetize podcast

Let’s assume all the above requirements are taken care of by you and you believe in your content and presentation skills. Now you must look into ways to monetize podcast.

There are a few different options available to you. You can try as little or as many of them as you like, though it’s arguably better to focus on fewer and do them well rather than spread yourself too thin.

Let’s look into the 12 best ways through which you can monetize your podcast

1. Creating Courses

The best way to monetize podcasts is by making a full-fledged course of it. That is your podcast must add value to your audience. Here you will make your podcast more involving rather than informative. This could be in the video, audio, or written form. There’s a wide range of platforms out there that can help you do it, too.


A tried and tested method of creating podcasts that can help you earn income in four-figure


A lot of creation and ideation time is involved in this. The process can become tiresome as establishing a connection with the audience is not easy.

2. One on One Coaching

Make your art reach more and more people by teaching them it through Instagram lives, Facebook lives, etc. It’s an easier start than creating a full course since you don’t have to build anything. You may even start paid classes. For this, I use Book Like a Boss. It lets you set up times in your calendar, tie that to different types of appointments and manage the whole process really easy.


This will help in creating good relations with the audience and will help in increasing your money income indirectly.


It may become a tiresome process for you as you may have to figure out the time for coaching as well apart from recording the podcast.

3. Sponsorship

One of the prominent methods of monetizing your podcast is sponsorship. One problem with sponsorship, though, is that many companies are still fixated on numbers rather than interaction and engagement. You may have 5000 listeners with the help of sponsorship but they are not your actual listeners. Looking for a sponsor is a tiresome process. So, if you’d like to get a sponsor for your show, choose someone that fits with your topic and your audience and approach them with real stories of the engagement you’ve generated. Try looking for small companies for sponsorship.


If you find a sponsor that’s extremely relevant to your audience and the topic of your podcast then there’s the potential to create a lucrative and valuable partnership for both parties (long-time partnerships).


If you get thousands of downloads and your podcast topic is much appreciated then sponsorship will definitely pay you well but if you are not confident about your number of downloads then sponsorships are not a good idea for you.

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