I won’t buy a Switch Pro until Nintendo fixes this big problem


The rumors about Nintendo Switch Pro are all around. The home console’s new model or the handheld hybrid is due for its release this year.

But I thought about whether I should begin to save instantly for the Switch Pro or wait for some more time. Then I realized that I genuinely don’t play the Nintendo regularly. Still I am pretty hung up on my Nintendo switch.

It isn’t to say that Nintendo is not an excellent gaming console. Nevertheless, the switch comes with a mortal flaw: hardly any persuasive software works on it. I have done my research and this right here is the reason why I am not 100% positive about buying the new Nintendo Switch Pro.

Nintendo Switch 2 could release before March 2022, report says

The first wrong Impression of Nintendo Switch Pro

Mostly, Nintendo’s launch program gets disturbed year after year due to which its craze among gamers is not as it used to be for the past versions of Nintendo device.

Nintendo probably launched the game console with “The Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild” in March 2017, and as per its excellent specifications and gain of reputation in the market, it remains the most excellent Switch game by Nintendo. In the subsequent nine weeks, we have seen outstanding records like Mario Kart 8: De Luxe, Splatoon two, along with Mario Odyssey.

Nintendo switch pro also includes the best over-exclusive products of the third party. They are Xenoblade Chronicals 2 and Mario + Rabbit: Kingdom War. Along with this, ARMS is also there, which is far better than these two.

In the three years, Nintendo has not released any annual lineup, which was even close to getting at a better level. However, there are various great names in it, which are – “Super Smash Bros: Ultimate in 2018” and “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” in 2020, though from 2017, such a trend became the great game which was better from all.

Nintendo Switch Pro Issues

Switch’s lineup is closely matched with smaller names that are little with present franchises, including Mario Tennis, Kirby, Luigi’s Mansion, and Mario party. In the waste of time, along with the half-baked disappointment, this problem fluctuates. However, at best, it is a middle name, perhaps maybe it is not a heavy-hitter to the motivation of Switch’s players.

Even though Nintendo consistently supplies great forms of exclusive products or services every three weeks approximately.  It might also be computed to really dominate the game dialog and eventually become the flagship products of this system seller on their own.

The issue has been evident if Nintendo maintained its first game last month. The most critical name came there is just another Mario sports Champion (this time around Mario Golf) and the game of “Ten-year-old Legend of Zelda.”  It received mixed evaluations to the first moment. A line-up which is to be overlooked in 2021.

In the Nintendo Switch, this type of inadequate release program has come in the normal position, not the exclusion. Also, 2021 seems to be possible to stay in such a trend with it.

The issue with Switch Port

Nintendo is hoping to meet the entertainment gap in its exclusive program. The release of the amazing game port interface in the Wii U is the key to it.

This particular strategy is not appropriate for those who buy the games console, believing that Wii-U has marketed 13.5-million games. Then they further look into Nintendo Shift’s market of seventy-four million games.  Therefore, for many Switch owners,” All these ports have been helpful for most reasons and uses in their own way.

Nevertheless, the issue is that such ports’ titles are in the range from  5 to 9 years. Many are there gracefully, such as Mario Kart 8. However, many games have become obsolete after the release of their upgraded versions. New games with similar concepts and additional features are a big threat in the gaming world. The same concept applies to Nintendo Switch. But again, the Nintendo Switch Pro doesn’t seem to have what it takes to sway away from the gamers.

Final Note

Keeping the above discussion in mind, it isn’t good to purchase the Nintendo Switch Pro. The cost of the Nintendo Switch Pro can be higher than $300. I hope that the Switch Pro includes excellent battery life, a much larger display, and a better Joy-Cons design. After all, these are the features that upgrade the gaming experience. This will increase the craze for Switch Pro in the gaming world. Nintendo should set a reasonable effort in gaming.


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