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India will transform the digitalization of the world. India will play a critical role in shaping the world’s technology and digitization, State Minister for Electronics and Information Technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar said on Friday.

At a conference on digital acceleration held at the CII Madhya Pradesh Conclave in Indore, State Minister for Electronics and Information Technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar said India will play a key role in shaping the world’s technology and digitization.

At the CII Madhya Pradesh Conclave on Digital Acceleration held in Indore, the minister said technology and digitalization will play a key role in shaping the future economy, trade, and multipolar world.

India is doing much better than other major countries

Chandrasekhar added that post-Covid India is doing much better than other major countries in the world. For, the fastest-growing economy, the highest foreign direct investment, and the rest of the world, it was unprecedented inflation, recession, lockdowns, and shutdowns.

He said technology, Digital India, and the use of technology in government have kept India’s economy on track. “The government under Prime Minister Modi will work with the state and local governments in line with the Team India model to ensure that all young Indians in level 2 and 3 towns and villages across the country can take advantage of India Techade opportunities

The Minister further said that India already has a wave of innovation and startup opportunities, and it is reaching all the smaller cities like Indore.

Earlier in the day, Chandrasekhar attended the Madhya Pradesh Pride Awards event organized by Sansad Seva Sakarup and Invest Indore to congratulate 75 IT and ITES companies in the state.

Later in the evening, the Minister attended the Convocation Ceremony held at the Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences, Indore as the main guest.

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