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Instagram Moderators: Livestreams helps to broadcast all of humanity’s horrors on social media. However, because of the nature of live video, networks like Facebook and Instagram was facing difficulty to control livestreams — and the comments trolling that sometimes comes with them.

Instagram is now rolling out a new feature Live Instagram Moderator. This new feature will allow creators to select a moderator for their livestream. So that it will be able to report comments, remove users off a Live, and turn off comments for a specific viewer. This feature came after  six years after the launch of Instagram Live, and it follows in the footsteps of Tik-Tok and Twitter, who allowed moderators on livestreams previous year.

How will Instagram Moderators work?

The feature also allows hosts to emphasis on hosting. Previously, a livestream’s host was solely responsible for keeping records of their viewers. The ability to shut down comments and the opportunity to go live with someone or just direct followers were some of the available options to hosts. However, running the webcast was their primary responsibility, not moderating spectators.

An unknown error occurred on Instagram

It’s almost unbelievable that Instagram has taken so long to implement this feature. Users can add moderators to their Facebook feeds, and sites like Twitch have demonstrated what can happen when a platform fails to handle its trolls.

More About Instagram Moderators

The feature also highlights how dedicated Instagram is about creators; who are increasingly using livestreaming as a platform to showcase their talent. According to App Annie data, livestreaming applications have outgrown chat and video social apps during the last four years. Instagram must establish a safer environment for creators to operate if it is to keep up.

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