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In 2018, Instagram added the ‘Your Activity’ feature, it allows users to set daily time limit on their app usage. Users can also turn off push notifications for a limited time. Nearly three years later, Instagram has quietly increased the minimum daily time limit for its “Your Activity” feature.

Instagram Daily Time Limit Option

Instagram is displaying pop-ups to its users inviting them to change their daily limit in response to an app update. Customers can keep their current limitation if they like. Selecting the edit button, on the other hand, takes them to a set option, where lowest duration is 30 minutes; rather than the previous option of 10 minutes. In fact, Instagram presents a second popup on the activity page telling users that the ten minute duration is “no longer supported”.

According to a report, the Instagram alert now has daily time limitations of half an hour, 45 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, and 3 hours. Users could initially agreed time limitations of 10 or 15 minutes to restrict their daily app usage.
When Instagram first offered Your Activity controls for its users; digital companies all over the world were scolded for their addictive qualities and negative impact on their consumers’ well-being. In addition to these and many other problems, Instagram released features that allowed users to set a daily time limit as low as 10 minutes for their time spent.

Instagram Hijack – Fraudsters Hijack Instagram Account to Steal Money

Meta is now encouraging users to spend much more time on Instagram, contrary to popular perception. Remarkably, this achievement happened at a perfect time for Instagram. While Facebook’s growth is slowing and its daily users base has fallen for the very first time ever since establishment, wiping out 20% of Meta’s value. Instagram has increased the minimum daily limit to encourage users to spend a lot of time on the platform. This is done with the intention of addressing some of the worrying statistics.

Final Note

By increasing daily limit, Instagram wants to people to use the application for a longer duration. You can set the daily time limit according to your convenience. Instagram wants more people to engage for a longer duration.

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