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Instagram has launched a new feature Instagram “Remix”  to increase collaboration using Reels. The new Remix feature was announced by Instagram on Twitter. Instagram Reels already mimics TikTok in many different ways, this newly launched feature Instagram remix is inspired by the TikTok duet and works in a similar way.

Now you can create what you desire on Instagram through reels. Remix will let users create their own Reel by recording alongside an existing reel of their choice. It enables users to answer a reel or add voice to the reel or recreate the reel made viral by someone by pairing it on one side and the new, remixed video on the other side. You can edit your video by adding effects, filters, increasing the pace, and adding sound using the tools shown on the left panel.

Create what you desire with Instagram Remix

Remixing is a piece of cake. Since this will be present as a default option, if a user doesn’t want to use the remix option or do not want the video to be accessible to people around the world, then they can disable it. The feature is primarily aimed at making the platform more connected and less passive where more users can collaborate with each other. The new Instagram Reels Remix feature was being tested with some users in the app last month. Snapchat is also said to be working on a similar feature to rival Tik Tok popular Duets feature. The social platform is also calling this feature Remix, just like Instagram.

If remixing is Achille’s heel for you, then refer below:

Enable or disable INSTAGRAM REMIX for reels 

You have an option to choose to be famous or not. Meaning whether you want your video to be accessible to millions of people on insta or not. “Enable” lets you make your reel accessible to people enabling them to recreate your reel. On the other hand, the “Disable” feature restricts people to remake your video.

Final Note

In a nutshell, Instagram Remix is an effective feature that will enable you to express your ideas and creativity In a better way. It is an easy way to show your creativity to millions of people around the globe. Remixing helps to present your ideas in a 15 seconds reel in a better way. So run your horses and create marvelous reels that inspire others.

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