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Instagram Tests New Scheduled Sticker for Stories



Scheduled Sticker -

Instagram is now testing a new Scheduled sticker for Instagram Stories, which gives you even another option to highlight your future events. The new ‘Scheduled’ sticker, as seen in these photos by app analyst Ahmed Ghanem, allows you to share a notification for upcoming events in your Story, along with a direct connection to your events listings so you can choose whatever specific event you wish to promote.

What is the use of Scheduled Sticker?

As part of the initial installation procedure, you can market important dates in Stories and the mainstream media. But once they are set, there’s actually no way to simply re-share and re-promote them.

The Countdown sticker can also be used to raise interest, although it does not have a direct link to the event itself. There are workarounds, such as mixing the countdown sticker with the link sticker to bring visitors to pertinent information. But this new option is better integrated and especially linked to direct, streamlined event advertising in the app.

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This might be a fantastic way to raise awareness for your events. Moreover, musicians and other skill artists will find it extremely beneficial in terms of controlling more direct traffic and promotion.

How Scheduled Sticker is Important?

Brands will be able to re-promote planned releases and events using the sticker. Moreover, there are a variety of uses that could aid in your efforts. As long as you don’t use it frequently.

People will understand the concept, so you won’t have to re-share notifications of your event/s daily. But it could be a helpful reminder to keep it in front of your followers’ minds. The new ‘Scheduled’ sticker is now available in the current version of the app for select users.

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