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Since the time Facebook bought Instagram, there have been frequent updates to the platform. Recently Chief Executive Officer, CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg announced that users will be able to earn money from Instagram. There is much more creative content on Instagram than any other social media platforms.

Thus, the Instagram marketplace will soon connect the creators with brands. Features like Instagram checkout and Instagram shopping are already very much in use by the business on Social media platforms. There are already numerous influencer marketing platforms present connecting brands with content creators.

Zuckerberg announced this news on a livestreaming video with the head of Instagram Adam Mosseri. Mark also said that tis is an efforts to serve the “creator economy,” with the launch of “creator shops”. This new feature in the social network is going to be a huge ecommerce push.

How to Earn money On Instagram?

This will be like an affiliate marketing program for the Instagram content creators. It will be just like the other social media platforms where Instagram influencers earn money. YouTube, Patreon, Substack are a few other platforms where users can earn money on social media. The influencers will get a cut from the products they recommend.

What would be the percentage of the cut is not known yet. Still this announcement is more than enough to make the influencers very happy.

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“If we can help with matchmaking, we can help drive more dollars to the smaller creators who can do amazing work for brands,” Mosseri said.

People have learnt how to sell on Instagram marketplace and have become used to it now. Since Instagram users are already keen on curating unique content everyday through Instagram posts, reels and IGTV, this is going to be  a cake walk for them. The last attractive Instagram feature was Remix.

Instagram Remix: Instagram has added a new feature, named ‘Remix’, How it works?

This announcement is yet another competition strategy with TikTok. Last year Instagram also introduced Instagram Reels and came to the battlefield with TikTok.

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