The CPU is the most important part of any laptop or desktop. The performance of the system depends on the functioning of its CPU. The brand new Intel Core i9-12900HK is creating a huge wave in the gadget industry. Intel has always been in a dominant position when it comes to innovation and maintained its market share. However, Apple M1, the first Apple silicon product is capturing the market in all possible ways. The latest generation Intel core i9-12900 HK is here to prove what Intel learnt from its competition. This article will make a comparison between the two latest processors in the market to find out which one is more efficient and can win over the market.

One interesting fact that you should all know is that Apple used to be the Intel user for but now they decided to come up with their own processor, the silicon series.

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Apple M1 Series Primary features:

The new silicon product in the M1 series has a 5nm manufacturing process. It is equipped with a 32-core GPU claiming to compete with the Nvidia’s best GPU available in the market. The product contains 114 billion transistors which is quite impressive. Talking about memory, the laptop supports 128 GB RAM and 64 graphic cores. The CPU core of the laptop is upto 20 and a memory bandwidth of 800GB per second.

Intel core Specifications:

The name of the 12th generation intel core i9-12900 HK is Alder Lake, which is all set to dominate the market again. The product is completely new with a 10nm manufacturing process. The major feature of the laptop is that it follows the LITTLE pattern which is generally seen in phone SOCs. The Intel core i9-12900K supports 8 performance cores and 8 efficiency cores which is much higher compared to the M1 series of the Apple silicon. The base power of the product is 45 W which can be pumped up to 115 W. The graphic provided by intel stands no where in comparison to what Apple is offering. The CPU supports DDR5 claiming to have faster memory.

To increase the performance of the CPU Intel bumped up the power of the chip it contains. The new Intel core now contains two power: maximum turbo power and base power, this innovation by intel stands it out from the Apple. Looking at the specifications of both the laptops it is not wrong to say that Apple M1 series is not a match to the intel core. It is evident that the i9-12900HK is performing far better than the Apple M1. However, the graphics of the latter is unmatched which plays a  major role in the performance of the laptop. To talk about the battery life is a worthy comparison. In terms of battery life, the Apple M1 series is more power-efficient. 

Final Note

In an Apple M1 a full eight- hour work can be done with around 40% battery usage, which is quite amazing and much more than what Intel series offers. Before wrapping up the comparison let’s talk about the pricing: Intel core costs around Rs. 296,997 and the apple M1 costs $3,499.00 or 2,63,446 Indian Rupee.  


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