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iOS 15 – This year, Apple will release the iOS 15 update. Apple will release the iOS 15 update in September with some exciting updates for iPhone users. This year’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) was Apple’s virtual event for 2021. 

Among its major highlights  in iOS 15 update

Update on FaceTime    

  Since the pandemic has led to increased virtual work, education, and business, Apple has updated iOS 15’s video calling software. In a move inspired by Zoom, FaceTime will now display the participants of a video call in a grid format. The app will also allow users to share and invite others to a video chat by using FaceTime links. You can join these calls even if you do not own an Apple device using Google Chrome or Microsoft’s Edge browser.

In addition to end-to-end encryption, Apple guarantees the security of the calls. FaceTime users can also adjust the iPhone’s portrait mode to blur the background when using the camera. By integrating spatial audio into video calls, the sound quality will also feel more natural.


During the Coronavirus lockdowns, many of us were isolated from family and friends, so Apple introduced SharePlay, a software that would allow users to share movies, music, and their screens.

Maps on Apple

In addition to elevation data, road colors, driving directions, and 3D landmarks, Apple users will have access to multiple types of elevation data. Apple Watch users can also add nearby public transit stops to their watch faces, so they receive automatic updates as they approach the stop and ride. In addition to augmented reality, Apple’s map will include a VR feature. The iPhone camera allows one to scan buildings in the nearby area using the feature.

The notification bar

iOS 15 will come with a new managing feature intended to help you declutter the endless notification bar. Notification Summary allows users to choose when to see unimportant alerts, allowing them to check them at a particular time. This function is driven by an on-device machine learning algorithm that identifies your phone usage patterns and decides which notifications should be included in the summary and when they should be delivered. In this category, there will be no missed calls or messages.

Sending iMessages

Messages, pictures, and playlists shared by friends or contacts will be consolidated into a new “Shared with You” folder in iOS 15.

Final Words

Apple launched the developer beta after its conference, and now it has released the public beta. In September, Apple expects to unveil the iPhone 13 at the same time as the system update.

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