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iPhone Nano was about to introduce in the year 2007. It is confirmed by an email from Steve Jobs obtained by The Verge. The rumored iPhone never came to fruition.

  • Apple created the world’s smallest iPhone in an email released during the Epic vs. Apple lawsuit.
  • In an email sent on August 5, 2007, Apple CEO Steve Jobs mentioned that a “super nano” product was in development, likely another iPod Nano model.
  • The iPhone 4 with 3.5 inches display that Apple released at the time had just been released.

iPhone Nano

Introducing the smallest iPhone in 2010, Apple had just released the iPhone 4 and was working on making it even smaller and cheaper. In an employee email dated back in 2010, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs mentioned the company’s plan to make the first-ever nano-sized iPhone. This email, titled “Here’s my current cut,” includes subheadings with strategies that will be presented at a public meeting.

There was a miniaturized iPhone in the works at Apple. As Apple and Epic Games continue their court battle, more private details about the companies are emerging. When compared to the top-of-the-line iPhone 4 at the time, the said iPhone was expected to be smaller and cheaper. An email reveals some details about Apple’s “iPhone nano plan,” along with the target price.

Each of the meeting’s topics is listed in a bullet point in the email. Among these bullet points, the last one mentions the iPhone nano. There is also a bullet point under this one stating “cost goal,” and a second the “show model (and renderings) – Jony.” also follows. ”

More details on iPhone Nano

Apple’s former design chief Jony Ive, who left Apple in 2019, is Jony. There are not many details about the iPhone nano in Steve Jobs’ October 2010 email. ”

There is currently no “nano” branding on Apple’s smaller devices. Jobs sent the email shortly after the release of the sixth-generation iPod nano.

As per an email, Apple once worked on a nano-sized iPhone.

As well, the Twitter account for Internal Tech Emails shared a Steve Jobs email from 2007. An email refers to a device as “super nano,” guessed to be the iPod nano. Originally expected to be released in the first half of 2008, said device has yet to be released.

During that timeframe, Apple did not release a nano model. Apple launched its fourth-generation iPod nano in September 2008, but we don’t know whether it was the “Super nano” device in the email that Jobs referenced.

The iPhone mini and HomePod mini were Apple’s last nano-branded devices, as the company stopped making the iPod nano in 2017.


Apple’s Nano device has never been released, but the strategy has shifted.

Starting in 2014, Apple began making different-sized iPhones. A vanilla version of the iPhone 6 Plus was released along with the Cupertino-based company’s iPhone 6 Plus. Apple added its first plus suffix to the iPhone for the first time at this time. As a result, Apple has adopted a broad range of iPhone sizes since then, drastically altering its iPhone strategy. The company can target different customer groups and generate more sales through this method.


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