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iPhone users embracing iOS 16, faster than iOS 15. A current report indicates that more additional users are peeking ahead. To edit their gadgets to iOS 16 than iOS 15.

iPhone users are embracing Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 16, faster than iOS 15. According to a 9to5Google report, more than 22% of iPhone users have revised their iOS 16. Also, nearly 68% of users have updated their iOS at some point, according to data compiled by analytics firm Mixpanel. doing. of users are still on iOS 15.

The analysis also indicates that 24 hours after discharge, 67.1% of users edited their devices to the most delinquent version of the working system. However, it is still low corresponded to iOS 14, which was downloaded by over 9.22% of users on the first day after launch.

With iOS 16, Apple redesigned the home screen and provided widgets to iOS users. This may be the reason why so many people have the urge to update their operating systems. The case could be the same for iOS 16, as it introduces an improved lock screen, lock screen widgets, multiple customization options, and the much-touted ability to edit sent messages. I have.

And according to Christian Selig, developer of the popular third-party Reddit client Apollo, 49.1% of users have already updated their devices to iOS 16, and about 7% of users have iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. I’m using. In other news, Apple recently confirmed that it will fix the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera rattling issue sometime next week.

Xiaomi president questions ‘fans’ if they like iPhone 14 Pro’s most delinquent element

It was invariably a point of time. But it was a little too fast. We’re speaking about an Android smartphone maker racing to “copy” Dynamic Islands. A feature of his latest Apple iPhone 14 Pro. According to multiple online reports, Xiaomi’s president, Lu Weibing, has had his online chats with fans on Weibo, a networking platform popular in China.

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