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iPhone users will get this Twitter feature soon



This year, Twitter is continuously adding new features to its network. Now it is all set to deploy the Reaction feature for Apple iPhone users. According to reports, reverse engineer Nima Owji discover the references to the functionality in Twitter’s code. This indicates that Apple iPhone users will get this Twitter feature soon.

Some time back, the microblogging platform begins with testing the Reaction features. The function is quite identical to Facebook’s responses. It will allow the users to make the choice among different reactions like: joyful tears, thinking face, and others. One will be able to showcase how the tweet improved their mood or what impression it is having on them. 

REFRESH APPLE Huge iPhone recall issued by Apple

This is not enough, Nima has also indicated that the firm can currently save data regarding the downvotes feature, implying that it would be implemented shortly. The company started testing the functionality on iOS devices. Upvoting and downvoting tweet responses are possible with this function. “Many of you may observe unique up or down voting options for replies on iOS.” We’re experimenting with this to see what kinds of responses you find useful in a conversation so we can figure out how to give you more of these. Twitter makes an announcement after launching the test. As per that, Your downvotes will not be visible to the public, but your upvotes will display as likes,” 

The organization makes a clarification that the downvote button is not a dislike button. Also, the amount of votes on tweets does not affect the order in which responses are shown. 

Final Note

You probably didn’t realize your Twitter account will get these game-changing features. After the update that Apple iPhone users will get this Twitter feature soon, get ready to show your reactions to tweets. 

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