iPhone vs Android: Which one is the best to use?

iPhone vs. Android

iPhone vs Android debate continues, especially as Apple and Google prepare for another big annual release with iOS 15 and Android 12. The top-quality phones can be purchased from several companies, but any device you buy will be running either iOS (if you choose an iPhone) or Android (if you prefer something else).

They have both (iPhone vs Android) been around for more than a decade now, which makes them quite mature. It means both offer similar features, and they cannot compete with one another. There are reasons to favor each over the other, however, as each has its advantages.

Apple: Why it’s better?

When comparing iPhone and Android, we analyze their strengths so you can make an informed decision. To reach the current Android and iOS flagships, see the Apple iPhone 12 with the Google Pixel 5.

Android 12 and iOS 15 will be released in the coming months, so this is the big news. See our hands-on to find out how we think iOS 15 and Android 12 build upon each other. Furthermore, the best OS for this year was examined from a surface-level perspective.

As an Apple user, you are invested in the ecosystem. If you already have a Mac, iPad, or Apple Watch, acquiring an iPhone makes little sense if you already own those products.

Continuity features, such as syncing work and data, exist on Apple products that can save you time and effort. Think about Handoff, for instance, where you can move calls and web pages seamlessly between your iPhone and Mac.

 Copying text from one platform to another is simple with Universal Clipboard. The Continuity Camera app is another of our favorites. You can have your iPhone take pictures, scan documents, and view and edit them on Mac computers using Continuity Camera. If you have an iPhone, you can even use your Mac’s Apple Pay biometric authentication features.

What makes Android better?

There are phones at every price point. Over 90% of smartphones around the world run Android.  Due to the number of companies building Android phones, they are affordable at every price point. The best small and big phones and phablets and foldable are all well under $1,000, including the new Pixel 4a. Android devices fit any budget or offer special features, no matter how much you can spend.

iPhones, which have been expensive at launch, but come down in price with each successive generation, cannot be said the same. For $699, Apple’s iPhone 12 mini has the smallest display of any new Apple phone. A telephoto lens, larger battery, and bigger 120Hz screen are the highlights of the Galaxy S20 FE, which has the same price as the Galaxy S20 but upgrades the screen and the camera.

It’s worth noting that the iPhone SE is Apple’s least expensive iPhone. Although its design is dated, and its screen could be problematic for some users, it’s a great device for $400.

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