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June 2022 presents Minecraft 1.19 “The Wild Update”. A few days earlier, Microsoft announced their brand new update for Minecraft: 1.19, avidly referred to as “The Wild Update”. The Wild Update has assuredly put on a lot to the (crafting) table. Along with the latest blocks and brand new traps, not to bring up the latest inclusion to old biomes.

Meeting up to its expectations, The Wild Update has surely brought a number of brand new surprises for the users of the game, together with wilder biomes such as mangrove forests and swamps, and a completely new map. These wilder biomes in addition carry a plethora of the latest mobs – and, if the players are extremely lucky, they might also mark the latest ‘hybrid’ mobs wandering about.

So just what the users can expect to be shown in a brand new Minecraft 1.19 “The Wild Update”, aside from Ancient boats and Cities? We have some of the choice highlights that we consider should deserve particular attention.

Goat Horn

Jukeboxes are not the only single things to create music in Minecraft anymore. Everything is about the tunes with us, so clear the road for the brand new Goat Horns!
Mystical, majestic, and miraculous music can now be listened to when a player grasps the horn of a Goat. Just plunge the horn into any of the heavy blocks nearby, and you might get lucky enough to listen to a tune! If you roam around, you may also find all of the eight sounds.

Frogs and Tadpoles

A wise man once said, “It’s not easy being green”. Similar to any developing world, the brand new Minecraft frogs walk through a number of changes in their life. These small creatures emerge out as frogspawn, then relish being tadpoles for some time, up until in time developing into full-blown Tan, Green (cold), or White (warm) Frogs, hanging on their temperate climate. The best part is that they will brighten up your life in more than one way, with the amusing addition of Froglights to your Minecraft world.

Warden and the Deep Dark

For those who choose foes, should not be concerned as this update is for you also.
The latest dangers appear quite precisely from the brand new biome named the Deep Dark. Activated by vibrations, the new Warden mobs are dangerous and deadly. They also release a resting squeal as they blast from the ground in the Overworld to feed on unsuspicious miners.

The Mangroves

There’s nothing similar to a nice swamp along with twisting roots, towering trees, and muddy terrain to get our discoverers’ hearts pumping – and to make our shoes filthy! With the emergence of Mud Blocks in the brand new Mangroves biome, the users can finally form the Mud Brick house they have always wanted to construct. It is similar to a Dirt house, but curb! And to truly tidy up the place, why not utilize the latest Mangrove Trees? The trunks, leaves, and roots can all be formed into the new Mangrove Wood Blocks – everything one wood needs to construct an amazing swampland retreat!


If you are hoping o find a friend, then look beyond the Allay – and prepare yourself to find someone more than just a friend. Just provide this little blue bird an item from your current inventory. After that, it will look up to 32 blocks of the world all over the place to catch a similar item.

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