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Kzen raises $4 million to build secure cryptocurrency wallet



Kzen raises $4 million to build secure cryptocurrency wallet

KZen, a Firm run by former TC Writer Ouriel Ohayon, has raised $4 million in seed to construct a”much better wallet,” clearly the elusive Holy Grail in the crypto world.

Benson Oak Ventures, Samsung Next, Elron Ventures invested.

Ohayon, who’s worked at Internet Lab and founded TechCrunch France and Appsfire, wished to make an easy-to-use crypto wallet which would not confuse users. The business name is a play on the Japanese phrase kaizen or advancement and in addition, it points to the notion of this zero-knowledge proof.

Omer Shlomovits, Tal Be’ery, and Gary Benattar are profound crypto researchers and developers and helped construct the wallet of Ohayon’s fantasies.

“We wanted something that did not feel as a pre-AOL Experience, which was incredibly superior concerning safety, and easy to use,” he explained. “We wanted a solution that brings peace of mind which didn’t force the consumer into compromising between security and convenience that is, sadly, the present condition of affairs. We immediately realized that this assignment wouldn’t be possible to reach with the very same ideas and tools other firms attempted to use up to now.”

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The App is launch this month and has been kept under wraps till then. Ohayon is well aware that the entire world does not require another crypto wallet but he is convinced his alternative is your best one.

“The marketplace does Not lack alternatives,” he explained. “On the contrary, you will find applications pockets, hardware pockets, paper pockets, vaults, hosted custody. However, there isn’t any fantastic alternative. To have the ability to use a crypto pocket you need a fantastic dose of Xanax or a master’s degree in computer science or either, if you don’t would like to rely on a fundamental entity, which can be much worse as the information are reminding us ”

We are going to see as they utilize the money to establish a crypto wallet which anybody — not only Xanax-eaters — may utilize.

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