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WhatsApp announces that they are planning to add a new feature that will help the users to hide their “Last Seen” status from selected contacts. Earlier what used to happen is that you can only hide your last seen from everyone. Whatsapp is rolling out a new feature for the iOS users. The company is adding a new feature to secure the privacy of the user. The feature of hiding last seen from selected contacts is already out for the Android beta users. The feature is spotted by WaBetaInfo in the latest iOS beta version. Those who are members of Beta Version are able to use the feature.

This is a very useful feature for those who want to hide their “Last Seen” only from a few people. There are times when you don’t want to show your Last Seen to some people. You don’t want them to know that when you are online. Currently whatsapp only offers three options to hide your Last Seen from your contacts. All the available options are self-explanatory.

Last Seen feature: WhatsApp is rolling out

The first option is everyone, which means that everyone can see your last seen. The Seond option is only your contact can see your Last Seen. In this option all those whose contact you have saved will be able to see it. There is also a third option, which allows you to hide it from everybody. Whatspp is now trying a new option, called My Contacts Except. This option is same as the option whatsapp provides you with status privacy. This feature will allow users to hide Last seen from selected people. This is still in the testing period and is only available for a small section of users. It is also not known when the feature will be released for the stable version of the app. The testing period will be over soon.

Whatsapp also confirmed that they are planning to increase the size of the sharing file. This is done to offer more convenience to users. Whatsapp revealed in a blog that users can share file upto 2GB. Currently, whatsapp does not allow file sharing for photos, videos, voice messages etc for more than 16MB.

Final Note

The step taken by whatsapp to provide more privacy to users is a welcoming step. This is the much needed feature for any user. There are times when you don’t want certain people from your contact to see your last seen for various reasons. We just hope the feature will release soon for the public.


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