League of Legends Wild Rift open beta Hits North America March 29

League of Legends Wild Rift open beta

The official release date for the next version of League of Legends: North American Rift is March 29th, followed by a new trailer. Riot announced the popular MOBA, the new mobile version of League of Legends, in the summer of 2020. At the time of writing, Wild Rift has around 60 titles to choose from in PC beta. In contrast, the PC version of League of Legends has more than 150 titles to choose from. League of Legends Wild Rift open beta hits North America on March 29.

When did League of Legends Wild Rift open beta begin?

The first regional beta of Wild Rift began on October 27 in Southeast Asia. A subsequent release of the game was rolled out to other regions as an open beta in the coming months, but many video game fans in North America were unhappy as many people were upset and the game wouldn’t make it to them until 2021. … Square. This implementation is more in line with the previous version of the LoL model and content.

League of Legends Wild Rift open beta for smartphones

Riot Games is launching a mobile version of its global bestseller League of Legends. Although this version of League of Legends: Wild Rupture works a bit differently on smartphones, save the main MOBA game to make the best of it.

And, although not many players can test this game – this is the goal, but it was finally tested in September, but only tested and passed the open beta in the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. They have plans to expand slowly in other regions.

When and where will the game expand?

Riot provided an incomplete timetable to expand the open beta (it will gradually begin in Europe in early 2021 and will eventually arrive in the United States on March 29), but there is no indication as to when the full version of the game will be publicly released. In the broader version, players will find a slightly simplified MOBA game that has dominated the sports and board game leagues for the past decade.

How different are Wild Rift and MOBA?

Wild Rift offers the same competitive MOBA experience as League of Legends but changes some mechanics and championships to make it more mobile-friendly. The Wild Rift game lasts 15-20 minutes and the game uses two joystick controls.

Wild Rift’s look and feel is similar to LoL, but switching to a dual-stick control scheme means some champions will need to make some adjustments. While the spirit and core essence of the champions have stayed the same, it is possible that some of their skills have stayed the same. In some cases, these changes have opened up new gaming experiences. For example, Katarina still has the lotus of death but can now move and move it slowly by waving her dagger in her hands. It’s no longer ingrained in something like a PC. Rammus has also redesigned the design to emphasize its theme: “Be quick.”

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Wild Rift Specs

According to a tweet from the Wild Rift official account, the studio assumes the minimum requirements for the Wild Rift are an Android phone with 1.5GB of RAM, Snapdragon 410 chipset, Adreno 306 GPU, and 32-bit Android processor support will be. Like the iPhone 6 and higher cell phone.

For closed beta tests (Android 4-core chipset and 1280 x 720 screen resolution, iPhone 7 or higher), this minimum specification has been increased, but for the full version, optimizations may lower this minimum specification.

Wild Rift Ranks

According to the developer’s video, the game has the same ranking system as League of Legends-the ranking starts from the 10th place, after which players are divided from iron man to challenger. The lower level below the master has four horizontal bars, and the new emerald level is between platinum and diamond to improve the distribution of players.

There are two levels to climb classification. From the lowest level to the emerald level, each victory will grant the player a level, and each failure will lower the level. but not. Don’t worry, you will build your strength on the leaderboard when you play the game. When the ranking is full, you can prevent losing the game and losing points. If you get enough points on the leaderboard, you will climb higher.

Diamond level and above use a victory points system similar to the League of Legends points system. You can divide them into 1, 2, 3, or 5 people and compare them with players with similar abilities. In addition to levels, Wild Rift has gradually introduced other modes, including the all-random, all-in (ARAM) mode popular in League PC, which will be released later in 2021.

Summary – League of Legends Wild Rift open beta

As League of Legends continues to expand across various games, its narrative methods are also expanding. The latest version of Viego from LoL will be directly related to the upcoming RPG Lord of Destruction: League of Legends. Other projects like Runeterra MMORPG and “Mystery Animation Series” will expand the scope of the narrative and will most likely return to MOBA. Who knows, maybe the success of Wild Rift will inspire the future of the mobile or console version of Valorant.


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