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Zens is soon going to enhance their great solution against Apple’s failing AirPower charger. There will be a new model: the Liberty Built-in wireless charger, which users can put into your desk creating an additional classic look. The first Zens Liberty charger gets a launch in 2020 and has a revolutionary 16-coil layout. This design will let you easily set a Qi-compatible smartphone or device wherever on the charger rather than rigorously syncing charging coils or relying on a MagSafe-style magnetic mechanism.

However, the original model lays on the desk in front of your eyes. But the new Liberty Built-in charger is made to be build right into your bedside or PC for a smooth transition. It is also having an additional 30W USB charge connector. This allows you to charge your phone or tablet immediately. The Zens Liberty is the AirPower wireless charger that Apple has not come up with.

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Liberty Built-in Wireless Charger 

The Zens is more likely to design for enterprises to purchase in bulk. Also, to install it into professional environments for customers to obtain and take apart their bedside tables to achieve a significantly better-looking charging solution. But there is nothing blocking user from getting one and attempting it yourselves. The main difficulty with the custom built model, besides the building skills necessary to completely include it into a desktop. It is not the adapters are especially strong.

However unlike initial Liberty chargers, which will charge multiple devices wirelessly at up to 15W each. This built-in model can only charge two gadget at 10W each. While Zens’ advertising graphic shows the coherent USB-C charger charging a laptop, 30W is insufficient for modern USB-C computers.

This is particularly true considering the cost: Zens’ built-in starts at €249.99 (about $284) for the basic white model. Also, €279.99 (approximately $318) for the substantially more intriguing glass edition. There is a huge price increase over the initial desktop computer and it costs $169 for the basic version. Again, $199 for the glass-top variation in the U. S..

Final Note

Considering these flaws, the new Zens Liberty Built-in is a great improvement from the previous model. And, while there is an idea which will be disassembling nightstand to install a built-in wireless charger real soon. This will soon be available in March.

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