Lokesh Gamer or Jonty Gaming? Which player has better stats in Garena Free Fire-

Lokesh Gamer and Jonty Gaming

Lokesh Gamer or Jonty Gaming – The Free Fire community is famous for its members Lokesh Gamer and Ajay Saini (Jonty Gaming). Both content creators often post YouTube videos related to the game from India.

Lokesh Gamer has 11.4 million subscribers on YouTube, while Jonty Gaming has 2.92 million subscribers. As of now, their respective YouTube channels have 999 million and 180 million viewers, respectively.

The id and stats of Lokesh Gamer

He has won 720 squad games with a win rate of 21.19 percent, making 3397 team games. His K/D ratio is 2.35 in these matches, and he has 6297 frags.

Likewise, the YouTuber has played 1532 duo matches and has won on 152 occasions, translating to a 9.92% winning percentage. His K/D ratio in this mode is 1.88, leaving him with 2591 kills.

The winning percentage of Lokesh Gamer’s solo games is 10.28%, with 134 wins from 1303 games played. His K/D ratio in these matches is 2.31. He has 2702 kills in these matches.

Jonty Gaming’s Free Fire ID and stats

Only Gaming has participated in 16973 squad games and has won 6446 of them, boasting a 37.97% win rate. His K/D ratio in this mode is 5.29, and he has killed 55719 times.

Furthermore, the content creator has played 2075 duo matches and won 502 of them, maintaining a win rate of 24.19 percent. His K/D ratio in these matches is 4.27, as he has 6710 frags.

Among the 4802 solo games that Jonty Gaming has played, he has won 699 times, a 14.55% win rate. He has won 14403 kills in this mode, and his K/D ratio is 3.51.

Jonty Gaming has played 66 squad matches in the current ranked season. His win rate is 12.12%, and he has won 8 Booyahs. This mode saw him rack up 204 kills at a K/D ratio of 3.52.

In addition to 22 solo games, the YouTuber is yet to win one. The K/D ratio for this model is 2.36, and he has 52 kills.

Comparative analysis

Jonty Gaming has better statistics in the lifetime solo, duo, and squad modes than Lokesh Gamer.

As Lokesh Gamer has yet to play a solo match, it is impossible to compare the two players’ ranked stats this season.

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