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L&T Technology Services payments, Income flash in Q2.  L&T Technology Services on Wednesday reported better-than-expected second-quarter earnings and better-than-expected earnings.

Earnings per share for L&T Technology Services was £26.68 and earnings were £19.95. An analyst surveyed by had expected earnings per share of £25.88 on sales of £19.77 billion.

Shares of L&T Technology Services are down 37.36% year-to-date, trading at £3,507.20 from a 52-week high.

The company follows gains from other major industry sectors this month
L&T Technology Services’ report follows gains missed by Havells India on Wednesday. £3.676 billion.

Technology leading to higher integration for first- and third-generation entrepreneurs

Technology is now an integral part of all businesses in all industries, but not all entrepreneurs and businesses have the financial and technical means to incorporate technology into their daily operations. This could be a roadblock, especially in transforming India into her $5 trillion economy. In line with this, Archanna Das, Chief Executive Officer of the Ascent Foundation, shares some key aspects that entrepreneurs and small businesses must consider in order to future-proof their business model.

Today, technology is required not only for service-oriented companies but also for traditional manufacturing companies. However, many organizations are still constrained by the lack of funding needed to innovate and sustain their business models. This is where the plug-and-play model has breakthrough potential. The inherent built-in and integrated nature of this model offers flexibility, and affordability, and even allows entrepreneurs to maintain complete confidentiality with complete control over employee-level information. In order to understand the best integration for, it is important for entrepreneurs and small business owners to get support from executives and technical experts who are going through this kind of change. Sharing best practices and insights gathered, as well as access to trusted toolkits, to enable companies of all sizes to integrate technology at scale and develop products cost-effectively and on short lead times.

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