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Apple, the closely all-encompassing tech titan headquartered in the Bay Area, is reportedly defying the understanding of its late founder Steve Jobs with a Mac update in the works.

A future macbook update Pro could very well arrive with an OLED touchscreen — a product update that the Cupertino organization has avoided even as its opponents have widely embraced the tablet-computer model. The information was first informed by Someone.

Someone says that a touchscreen Mac, independent of Apple’s increasingly computerized iPads, could arrive as earlier as 2025, according to unnamed sources familiar with the project.

During his tenure as Apple CEO, Jobs was vehemently against the idea of a touchscreen laptop, going so far as to state that Apple’s own user testing has confirmed that they’re unviable.

It gives excellent demos but after a brief period of time, you start to tiredness, Steve  Jobs said in a 2010 Apple event, and after an extended period of time, your arm wants to drop off. It doesn’t work; it’s ergonomically awful.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Apple has ranged from Jobs’ perfectionist vision, and likely won’t be the last time it does so. The man did not care for bigger iPhones which are currently the norm, with the “Mini” model seemingly cut completely from the product line, and was a noted skeptic of the product in the 1st place. He created some failures during his legendary tenure, like the Apple Lisa. He was also a noted lover of skeuomorphic layout, the aesthetic decision to create software that resembles a real-life counterpart. 

Yet, his presence looms big over Apple even a decade behind his death, sufficiently so that his daughter shading the company’s recent vision is sufficient to elicit headlines. 


Q1. How can I update my MacBook laptop?

To download macOS software updates, select Apple menu > System Settings, Tap on General in the sidebar (you may require to scroll down), then tap on Software Update on the right.

Q2. How long until a MacBook is outdated?

Products are considered obsolete when Apple stopped circulating them for sale more than 7 years back.

Q3. What happens if macOS is not updated?

Websites will open and characteristics are still there but your OS will not get the latest security patches.

Q4. Does macOS expire?

Warning: Your macOS has expired is a technical support scam run on untrustworthy websites. This scheme asserts that the user’s macOS (Mac Operating System) has expired, and due to this, certain apps will no longer be operational and the gadget itself is at risk of infection.

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