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Garena Free Fire: Maro is the next addition to the character section, following Xayne, on the Indian server. Check release date, traits, and gameplay details. Maro is on the acting and singing career of Egyptian megastar Mohamed Ramadan. According to the official announcement, Indian players will be able to purchase the character starting 29th April.

How does Maro fit into Garena Free Fire?

As an Eagle Master, Maro is 32 years old and free-spirited. He admires animals more than humans and is also passionate about nature. Hunting with a bow is one of his hobbies.

A Maro’s passive ability is:

Falcon Fervor is a passive ability of the Maro character.

 Check out the advantages of the knowledge.

  • Damage increases with distance up to 5% at level 1 & goes up to 25% at Max level.
  • Damaged to marked enemies increases by 1% at base level & increases to 5% at Max level.

As it stands, Maro will be a great asset to players who often engage in long-range combat. In close quarters, he lacks special abilities, but the increased damage at long range will be helpful while sniping or removing obstacles. However, it will clarify how much compelling the character is once it goes live on the Indian server on 29th May.

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In Garena Free Fire Battlegrounds, developed by 111 Dots and published by Garena, players are calling to battle royale situations. In 2019, it was the most downloaded mobile game worldwide. It was chosen as the “Best Popular Vote Game” for 2019 by Google Plays Store due to its popularity. Over 80 million users are active each day on Free Fire as of May 2020. Currently, Free Fire has earned over $1 billion worldwide.

Falcon Fervor makes Maro ideal for snipers or players who prefer to deal damage from a distance. For the characters to work effectively, space is vital, so scopes or sniper rifles are crucial. Maro will not be able to use his abilities to their full potential in close-quarters combat. Nonetheless, the extra damage to marked enemies can help swing things in your favor. In any case, those playing Maro will be better off at range and have their team do the room clearing.

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