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Meta is releasing new ways to Control Your Instagram Feed



Instagram Feed -

Meta is releasing two new features that will help you to control your Instagram Feed. You can choose, what you want in your feed using the new features called Favorites and Following. Following gives you posts by people you follow, while Favorites displays you posts out of a list of special accounts that you can choose.

New Update for Instagram Feed

Instagram feeds are a combination of photographs and videos from users you follow, as well as suggested posts. Meta will  gradually bring additional suggestions based on your interests to your feed. Favorites and Following are two new ways to keep up with current postings from the people you follow.

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Favorites displays the most recent activity from accounts you select, such as your close mates and preferred creators. Additionally, posts from users in your Favorites will appear higher in your homepage feed.

How will Favorites Feature work?

It will help you to see the most recent postings from the users you’ve selected to your favorites list. You can select up to 50 users to your Favorites list and edit it at any moment; people will not be alerted if they are removed. The star icon indicates that posts from users on your favorites list will appear higher on your home feed.

How it will help you to control your Instagram Feed?

According to Meta, it is constantly looking for new ways to make your Instagram experience even better. it will  keep adding features including Favorites and Following to provide you more control over what you see and help you spend your time on the app more intentionally. These new features will help you to have a better experience while using the App and invest more of your time.

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