Meta robot tags influence search rankings Google Answers

Meta robot tags influence search rankings: Google Answers. Google Search promoter John Mueller describes whether the service of meta-bot tags can influence a web page’s ranking in search outcomes.

This issue is covered in the most delinquent installment of the “Ask Googlebot” series on YouTube.

Mueller answered the subsequent question on Twitter.

“Will rankings be negatively impacted if my page doesn’t have that tag?”

Since websites can utilize meta robot tags to customize the look of their search snippets, it’s expected to question if they affect search rankings.

The quick response is no. The tags are not indexing signals.

The more extended response is that it can affect CTR.

Google’s John Mueller on Tags

When asked about meta robot tags and their impact on search rankings, Mueller said:

“We speak around some of these SEO factors often, but it’s comfortable to think they’re necessary. At this point, no. We don’t need meta robot tags for ranking.

Robots meta tag allows you to specify how certain pages appear in search, or not at all. This meta tag is only needed if you want to modify the default impression of the search results page.

For instance, if you want to determine the length of your snippets, you can use the “Max Snippet” robot meta tag. If you don’t have a preference for how your page appears in search, it’s perfectly fine to have no robots meta tag on your page at all.

If you’re interested in options, read our documentation on both the tags and other Google-supported tags. ”

Google helps over a dozen meta robot tags. Publishers can use these to customize everything from the text in search snippets to the size of image and video previews.

Tags influence what appears in search impacts, but they have no positive or negative consequence on search ranking.

Meta robot tags do not send signals or details that Google can utilize to comprehend where a messenger should be placed in search impacts.

Thus, pages with those tags have no intrinsic benefit over pages without the tags.

It’s not useless, though. If you’re unhappy with the way Google displays your page in search results, it’s worth using a meta robot tag.

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