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Antigone Davis, Meta’s global head of safety, disclosed last month in an op-ed in The Telegraph that end-to-end encryption for Messenger and Instagram DMs. It would be postponed until 2023, and she elaborated in a Newsroom piece on Wednesday. Davis’ op-ed noted child safety activists’ advocates that the move to end-to-end encryption will enable abuser to escape identification. You will get all information related to Meta update here.

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“We want users to have a trustworthy, safe, and secure private place, which is why we’re taking our time to deliberately create and implement end-to-end encryption (E2EE) by default throughout Messenger and Instagram DMs,” she wrote on Wednesday.

E2EE maintains people’s personal messages private. This enables only the sender and the recipient to see them. As a result, if you’re sharing pictures or bank details with relatives and friends, encryption allows you to do it securely”.

David added – “and although the majority of people use messaging systems to interact with dear ones; a small small percentage of people utilize them to cause terrible harm”. We have a responsibility to defend our users, which necessitates establishing a clear, detailed approach to safety.

For privacy, you need to change these browser settings

We also need to contribute in safeguarding people from abuse without compromising encryption’s security. To avoid unnecessary contacts and respond to exploitation. People need have confidence in their privacy while also feeling in control. Privacy and safety are inextricably linked. Moreover, our mission is to create the safest private messaging applications possible”.

In the meanwhile, Meta’s machine learning technology will monitor non-encrypted places, such as account information. In order to detect suspect activity, according to Davis.

Meta update will prohibit an adult from creating new accounts and connecting with kids via Messenger or Instagram DM if they do so frequently.

By default, new accounts of minors will be private or friends only.

Safety alerts for younger users will continue to pop up, warning them of probable suspicious conduct such as impersonation and frauds.

Final Note

She emphasized the availability of Instagram’s Hidden Words feature. Additionally, this Meta update allows users to filter messages containing emojis, phrases, or words; that they don’t want to view into a Hidden Folder, as well as the option to block problematic connections, which is currently accessible in Messenger.

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