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Remember Microsoft clippy, a little paper clip that assisted you while you were using Microsoft office. Moreover, it offered you with some help. Clippy gained popularity among the users in Windows 97. The main aim behind having clippy was to offer help to people. While doing projects as it used series of algorithms to understand the user’s need, but later Microsoft found that users didn’t want anything as such type, and they then decided to remove it in the office 2007, until then it went missing from the office.

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Microsoft removed clippy 

The clippy in office 97 was programmed to assist users in using wizards. However, wizads was looking for help while using office. The clippy presented suggestions and keyboard shortcuts, like while typing an address followed by “Dear” would appear with a message, “It looks like you’re writing a letter. Would you like help?”. Clippy was seen as irritating and annoying, and got criticized even within the organization. Then the company decided to this feature by default in Office XP, due to its unpopularity and criticism in an AD campaign spoofing Clippit. In office 2007 and 2008, this feature was finally removed for Mac. Thereafter, it never made a comeback until now.

Company asked for people’s choice 

Recently Microsoft decided to relaunch it’s lost clippy, but as an emoji. In a recent tweet the company asked “if this gets 20,000 likes we will replace the paperclip emoji in Microsoft 365 with clippy” To which, the company got more than 170k likes, and then Microsoft confirmed the change using social media channels “Last, but not least, we had to use this opportunity to make a change that only we could truly make – so long flat, standard paperclip, and hello clippy!”. Moreover, Microsoft made announcement on world emoji day 17 July .

“When we looked at redesigning the paper clip, we thought, ‘How could you not?” Claire Anderson, Microsoft’s art director known as it’s emoji-ologist, in an interview said, “It’s a way of honoring where we’ve come from as we also look at a new tech style… But like most nostalgic things, we know clippy can be polarizing.”

 New clippy- To be a 3D design

The company is working on its emojis section to change the designs to 3D instead of 2D deigns. As per the company, the new designs are interactive, vibrant and more bright. “We want the designs to uplift and make people happy,” Anderson added

In order to capture the moods and challenges of working from home; company is adding some new emojis, “you’re on mute”, emoji , showing someone doing various tasks. While arms going here and there. In a study conducted by Microsoft it found that more than 50% of people believe that emojis are professional. Moreover, it helps to express the tone of conversation, which is important to interact in an organization.



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