Edge 96 is the most recent version of the browser. Also, the Chrome 96 edition of its web browser was released by Google this week as well. Now, Microsoft began with rolling out a new upgrade for the Edge browser. Microsoft has update for its Edge web browser by introducing a few new capabilities with the newest version. It continues to urge people to adopt its Edge web browser on Windows 11 by limiting programs like EdgeDeflector. The following are some of the new Microsoft Edge features, Let’s get into that one by one:

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Microsoft Edge features with the latest update

Price comparison and price history on Android devices

When you view a product online, the Edge browser will start tracking the price. Not only this, it will tell you when the price changes. It will allow you to save money. You do not need to continuously check the costs of the things you want to buy if you use this feature. The tool was initially available for online users, but the business has now made it available for Android gadgets as well.

Update passwords using a shortcut

 Now, with this feature, the Shortcut to update passwords you can simply change your stored passwords that have been hacked in Microsoft Edge. For this, you need to Go to the password manager in the browser’s settings. Hit the Go to a button near your saved password. . The button will direct you to the appropriate page where you may change your password for that website. The tool is now only available for a few websites, but the business claims it will be expanded shortly.

Efficiency mode

Another feature Microsoft comes up with is the efficiency mode option, you can get it in the browser’s settings. The innovation will help you to extend the life of the laptop’s battery by lowering the browser’s CPU and memory use. This feature is automatically run by the browser when the device’s battery is low.

Final Note

Lots of updates are coming by Microsoft to keep up with technologies. Apart from updates, features are also introduced to help you for convenience. Microsoft Edge also introduces features that will offer greater flexibility in the future.

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