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Microsoft Investment – Businesses around the world rely heavily on desktop applications. Desktop programs are essential to think about the future. The first game and the first line of code were there on this playground. As the dominant desktop operating system, Windows remains the place where people do a lot of building, connecting, learning, designing, and achieving.

It estimates that over a billion people rely on desktop programs today, from playing games with friends to creating billion-dollar projects. 

Where is desktop development headed?

App developers often create applications only for smartphones, believing that smartphones represent the direction of application use. With users preferring them over traditional desktop computers. This notion, however, is false, as the desktop application industry has experienced enormous growth in the past three to five years. 

Companies have tried to build single-page applications in a web browser as a more standard design strategy. In theory, this means users do not need a computer to access apps. But can utilize a smartphone or tablet instead. In reality, user compels to compromise with less-than-complete offerings to fit the mobile paradigm. Which results in a less satisfying user experience. A desktop application can’t replace a full-power mobile experience because of its limitations.

Furthermore, I’ve heard several developers speak about how hard it is to maintain desktop apps deployed on modern versions of the OS. This opinion seems difficult to believe to me. Windows 11 continues to work with thousands of desktop apps that were there in the 2000s. Windows 11 even has a style that is compatible with the user interface controls. 

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Moreover, we see on social networks someone whose app makes the appearance of a desktop application while also remaining respondent to mobile devices. However, progressive web apps can only take advantage of a subset of each device’s essential features.

Despite careful programming, the ultimate delivered product can only harness a limited number of the hardware’s capabilities. Since they must work at the level of the highest common denominator – yes, screens adapt. But not a specific hardware feature, like accurate GPS location. Mobile devices also have an inherent advantage of something quite ubiquitous and straightforward: cameras – many desktop computers do not have cameras. Those that do may not work the way a mobile device does.

An entertainment or social media app without a particular feature, while inconvenient and frustrating, can be a total show-stopper for a business app that will prevent sales or impact the customer’s business negatively if it discovers late in the adoption process.

Are Microsoft’s strategies focused on desktops first?

Microsoft decided to revamp its engineering system several years ago.

With the Windows engineers working on creating, building, and releasing new versions of Windows faster, Microsoft investment has been trying to create an environment that helps them do so. It is one of the most significant projects using Git today if not the largest. Microsoft Windows‘ development team changed its code repository host to Git.

A Git checkout of Windows’ code base results in approximately 300GB of ‘repo,’ about 3.5 million files. In addition, the Windows team contains around 4,000 engineers, who produce amazing daily builds across 440 branches and validate thousands of pull requests. It’s a big software engineering project.

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