Microsoft releases Windows 11: 22000.348 with new emojis


Microsoft releases Windows 11 additional continuous update.  However, unlike other relative upgrades, this will include a new option. It will include the new emojis that was released in July.

The designer will demonstrate these amazing, 3D characters when there will be new emoji characters. They will look exactly like what you see on iOS. However, when they first seem in the trial, they were flat and unappealing, contrary to what users had already been told to think. The gorgeous emoticons, it turns out, are unique to Teams and Flipgrid, whereas Windows 11 will get 2D emojis.

According to Microsoft, the idea for the latest emojis, is for them to be “personal and familiar,” which are major design concepts in Windows 11. There are even additional emojis, such as the Emoji 13.1 set.

Of course, that is not the only thing new in this update. After all, it is a C-week update, so it’s an additional continuous update with a huge amount of fixes.

Highlights of Microsoft releases Windows 11 build 22000.348 with new emojis

In case you are on Microsoft Windows 11, look for KB5007262, which updates the version number to 22000.348. You can also download it manually.

  • It will fix a bug that leads Internet Explorer to crash if you will copy and paste text by using the Input Method Editor (IME). 
  • This will handle an issue where the iFLY Standard Chinese IME icon in the dialogue box has the wrong backdrop. 
  • It will update a bug that stops File Explorer and desktop shortcut menus from appearing. Once you select to open an item with a single click, this problem frequently arises. 
  • Fixes the animation efficiency of taskbar icons. 
  • Updates concerns with volume control for Bluetooth audio devices. 
  • Updates a problem that leads File Explorer to cease operating after you close a window. Corrects an issue where certain videos have inaccurate closed-caption shadows.
  • Handles an issue that leads a language of the device’s Serbian Windows display to be automatically removed.
  • Fixes a bug that causes blurring whenever you move the mouse over icons on the taskbar if you have a high contrast theme setup.
  • When you activate Task View, Alt-Tab, or Snap Assist, an error that stops the keyboard focus rectangle from being displayed under certain scenarios is set.
  • This update fixes a problem that could cause Windows Mixed Reality to activate if you put on a headset. Even if you disable the option “Start Mixed Reality Portal if headset’s presence system senses wearing that,” the problem persists.
  • After you connect to a printer, your device may state that it doesn’t recognize it. This update fixes that problem.
  • Updates a bug that might cause your device to lose audio for a short period of time.
  • Fixes a problem with several variable fonts that causes them to show erroneously.

Microsoft Edge features with the latest update

If you use the Meiryo UI font and other vertical fonts, letters and characters are shown at an incorrect angle.  Japan, China, and other Asian nations uses these typefaces.

Updates a bug that causes some programs to become unresponsive to input. This problem only happens on touchpad-equipped smartphones.

You may now choose whether Focus Assist will be on automatically for the first hour following a Windows feature update.

Fixes an audio distortion issue that occurs while using Xbox One and Xbox Series Audio devices with spatial audio. Several features of Windows emoji have been updated. For this release, we’ve made the following enhancements as part of a continuous iterative process:

  • All emoji in the Segoe UI Emoji font has been updated to the Fluent 2D emoji style.
  • Emoji 13.1 is available, which includes:

The emoji vocabulary is up to date.

Emoji 13.1 you may find now in all the following languages.

It Fixes the Emoji and More panel to allow you to use emoji in your apps.


Final Note 

At the end, you can get the update in several ways. Try to install it manually after downloading. You can acquire it by looking for updates on Software Updates and then installing it. These repairs and adjustments will be in next month’s update, which is compulsory if you don’t take it.


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