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Microsoft has said the new Office suite 2021 layout will now be available to consumers. Sometime back in June shows the firm shows the layout of Microsoft new Office UI. It is compatible with the recent release of Windows 11. By default, Office now reflects the Windows themes, and all themes are up-to-date. The aesthetic update is available in a variety of Office themes. These themes can be black (with Word Dark Mode enabled), white, colorful, and dark grey.

The Mica glass feature is not accessible in Office programs, but the firm says it is going to add compatibility for it. But later it will be available in a future version. By default, there is also a Quick Access Toolbar, which is hidden. Users need to do right-click the ribbon or choose the Ribbon Display Options icon, then select Show Quick Access Toolbar from the drop-down menu.

Where To Get Microsoft New Office UI

The Upcoming feature, present in the upper right corner of the interface, you can use to turn off or on the visual update. Simply tap on the megaphone symbol in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or OneNote to access the Coming Soon window. You can learn more about the visual update changes, toggle between the new and existing interfaces, and apply the option to all Office programs. Access, Project, Publisher, and Visio do not have the Coming Soon functionality. If you enable visual updates in any of the four applications above, it will be accessible in the other four apps as well.

Many Current Stream customers using Windows 10 version 2110 and version 14527.20226 or later will receive this graphic upgrade automatically. If you don’t notice the update, you need to restart any Office application. However, this update will only be accessible to you, If the megaphone icon is present in the upper right corner. All users of Windows 11 may get the update.

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