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Minecraft: Build an Enderman farm. Over the years, players have devised various automated farms to earn XP and collect items in Minecraft. However, few farms are as fertile and powerful as Enderman Farms. This farm allows you to earn a lot of experience and a lot of ender pearls in a short amount of time using the entire dimension. In some cases, it even conflicts with Minecraft’s Sculp XP farm. And the best part is that it does all the work for you while you AFK. So let’s learn how to make an enderman farm in Minecraft in the easiest way.

Build an Enderman Farm in Minecraft (2022)

Creating an this farm itself means creating a few more mechanics and structures. To avoid confusion, we grouped the different areas of the courtyard into separate sections. First, let’s see where we need to go to create this farm.

Where to build a Minecraft enderman farm

Endermen are the only mobs in Minecraft that spawn naturally in all three dimensions of the game. With one of the best Minecraft 1.19 speedrun seeds, you can find the fortress, activate the portal, and reach the end dimension. Killing the End Dragon will prevent his mobs from spawning in that dimension except for the Enderman.

Due to their constant spawning and high spawn rate, we have an Enderman farm within Minecraft’s End Dimension. You can enter them by finding stronghold portals scattered throughout the Minecraft world. A few Minecraft commands can speed up the process.

Items Needed to Build an Enderman Farm in Minecraft

To create an Enderman Farm in Minecraft, you will need the following items:

1. Only 2 stacks of leaf or glass blocks
2. Two stacks of lugs 1
3. 1 Minecraft
4. 1 rail
5. 12 nameplate 12
6. 12 hoppers 12
7. 3 chests
8. 16 enderbeads (minimum)
9. 1 iron pole
10. 8 trapdoors – 1 stack of building blocks 13 (44 solid blocks)
11. Optional: additional blocks for temporary construction
12. Optional: Pumpkin Helm (because it doesn’t trigger Endermen)

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