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Minecraft come by Lightyear DLC. Disney’s brand new Lightyear movie occurs in Minecraft this week all credits to a few fresh DLC. These are now accessible within the blocky game’s marketplace. This DLC occurs with a few missions leading players throughout the story of Buzz Lightyear as well as character skins and vehicles that’ll look similar to the users of the game after they’ve seen the brand new film. This brand new DLC is out currently for the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition of the game, though it’s not presently available on each and every platform that Bedrock is.

In total five-story missions are incorporated in this Lightyear DLC that’s currently out in the Minecraft Marketplace for the users of the game to purchase. It travels for 1,340 Minecraft Coins, in accordance with the listing, which will rush you a max of $9.99 supposing you own no Minecraft Coins at present and have to top off your wallet.

“In the Lightyear DLC, you get to play through Buzz’s origin story. And help him navigate an alien planet after an unfortunate crash landing,” research of the brand new Lightyear crossover stated. “You can play through five missions as this Academy-trained hero, including a hostile jungle, a swamp, and a mine, as well as various alien settlements. Throughout each mission, you have to navigate the terrain while fighting enemies and several bosses using various gadgets. Between missions, you get to fly different aircraft and must avoid obstacles to safely get to your next objective.”

Lightyear-themed Character Creator item

Additionally to that content, Mojang stated the new LightyearDLC also takes place with a Lightyear-themed Character Creator item the users of the game will discover in their inventories.

Although this Lightyear DLC is only accessible in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, it’s not available on the Nintendo Switch. Mojang imputed this problem “to a recent battle with Emperor Zurg,”. But no actual reason for the DLC’s non-attendance was provided. The post also says that the Lightyear DLC will be provided to the Nintendo Switch platform soon. Nevertheless, so those on that platform will get their Lightyear crossover shortly, in a moment.

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