How to use Minecraft enchantment in Java & Bedrock edition: 5 quick tips

minecraft enchantment

Minecraft Enchantment – You can add fantastic Minecraft enchantment to weapons, armor, tools, and more in Minecraft.

Using lapis lazuli or enchanted books, items in the game can be transported. Within Minecraft, there is Minecraft enchantment, and the types of enchantments for things are even more diverse.

Some enchantments can be used in both Java and Bedrock Editions of Minecraft

Feather falling

You can also enchant feathers with feathers falling in Minecraft. Users can only apply it to boots, so it’s an armor grip. Although feather dropping is limited in its enchanting ability, it has one of the highest values of any transport.

Taking unexpected falls becomes much easier when feathers fall. By reducing the amount of damage taken when players fall from high places, the system will minimize damage. The enchantment allows players to drop farther down than they usually would without it, which helps them navigate the dangerous terrain.


Users can enchant melee weapons like swords with knockback Minecraft enchantment. It can be pretty helpful in battles and is very easy to use.

When the enchanted weapon hits a mob or player, Knockback will create distance between them. Attacking entities will push back farther than they would be with a regular gun, allowing more time between hits.

In areas where there are cliffs or drops, those enchant could also prove helpful. Players can use a knockback weapon to hit entities far enough that they fall to their deaths.

Flame/Fire Aspect

The similarities between the flame and fire aspects make them rank the same despite being different enchantments. Factors that affect ranged weapons, like bows, and characteristics that affect melee weapons, like swords, can be there.

Once applied, these enchant are very easy to use. Flames and fire aspects are both helpful in catching entities on fire, making battles much more accessible. All mobs and players hit with a weapon enchanted with flame or fire aspect will burn.

By letting mobs/players burn instead of experiencing constant sensations, the flame and fire aspect allows players to yield fewer hits overall.


Minecraft’s easiest enchantment is also one of its most effective. Any tool or weapon can be there with Fortune. With the help of this enchant, players can quickly gain valuable items and become prosperous. Any item fascinated with Fortune will increase loot drops from ore mined and mobs killed with it.

For example, a fortune pickaxe will not just yield one diamond when mining diamond ores. Or, endermen killed with a fortune sword will drop multiple ender pearls.

Anyone who uses the Fortune finds themselves over goods, which is due to its benefits.

Luck of the Sea

A fishing rod can enchant with Luck of the Sea, which is a very simple enchantment. Rare items have a much greater chance of being caught with them.

Its simplicity makes it one of the best enchantments. The only thing players have to do when they have a fishing rod with this enchant is to cast the fishing line in the water. When the rare items start rolling in, they can sit back and enjoy the show.

Players can already catch fish with enchantment Luck of the Sea using a regular fishing rod without converting it. In addition, players are likely to reap many benefits from this relatively simple system.

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