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Minecraft Fan Makes Minecraft Wooden Axolotl Figure. One Minecraft player has shared an image of the incredibly detailed, game-accurate axolotl figure. He created this from solid wooden blocks.

Minecraft is one of the most popular and most loved games in the world, and part of the appeal comes from its complex and ever-evolving game world. In the past few years, the developers have added a number of new biomes. They also brought in a number of new mobs. One type of mob, the axolotl, has quickly become a fan favorite. One Minecraft fan has brought the axolotl into the real world as a wood sculpture.

In reality, axolotls are a type of critically endangered tiger salamander. This is found in the waters of Lake Xochimilco in the Valley of Mexico and in the canals and waterways of Mexico City. Axolotls spawn inside the rivers of the Lush Caves.

Minecraft Fan Makes Minecraft Wooden Axolotl Figure

Reddit user Jappiedappie1234 shared a photograph of a little wooden axolotl they made based on the adorable Minecraft axolotl design. This beautiful thing is of thin pieces of woodcut. This resembles the blocky pixelized graphics of the game.

As per the artist, each pixel in the Minecraft design would equal one centimeter in real life, so they made a conclusion that in the virtual world it is about 26 centimeters long. We call it is as a very focussed game-accurate recreation of the axolotl model, complete with each individual fin and four legs positioned for swimming.

Minecraft axolotls are available in five different color schemes. These are leucistic, blue, cyan, gold, and wild. There is no pain on the wood of this sculpture.Jappiedappie1234 prefers the wood texture on their models. They have mentioned that they may build a second axolotl and paint that one. Though currently, they are unclear which color scheme they would go for. The sculpture shows a tiny face seemingly drawn onto the wood in what appears to be a black pen or marker.

Minecraft Wooden Axolotl Figure

Other Minecraft fans are excited and entrusted by Jappiedappie1234’s creation. Players also congratulated them on their creation. One player even reached out on the subject of possibly commissioning an axolotl of their own. One user said that they wanted to break into the artist’s house and want to steal the sculpture. One more user stated that this should be a new piece of Minecraft merchandise, whereas a fourth declared that looking at this post could make people fall in love in two seconds. One user even claimed that the axolotl was the best mob ever.

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