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Minecraft Features – The game of Minecraft demands knowledge of many in-game technicalities, such as crafting recipes, how to fight certain mobs, and where to find certain structures.

It is typically easy for a player to assume the logical progression of the game and its intricate rules once they are familiar with the basics of Minecraft. Sometimes, however, what seems reasonable to assume makes no sense in Minecraft features.

During the course of the game, players have noticed various strange inconsistencies. Uncertainty exists about whether these mistakes were made by the Minecraft developers and have been left in the game or whether they were intentionally included.

Here are some of the most obvious parts of Minecraft that seem to make no sense at all.

Minecraft: Things that don’t make sense

Rabbit Stew

A complicated crafting recipe makes rabbit stew an item that most players will not even bother to make. While rabbit stew is a good food item for hunger and saturation, crafting it will fill players up much more than the actual item.

Rabbit stew’s logic begs the question: why is it made? A balanced diet achievement requires players to consume every food item within Minecraft features, so rabbit stew is the only way to effectively use it for that goal. The game would not make much sense without rabbit stew.

Chainmail armor

The wish to wear chainmail armor in survival mode is probably familiar to Minecraft players. Players cannot craft chainmail armor due to the lack of crafting abilities.

There has never been a crafting recipe for chainmail armor, despite it being available for quite a while. A chain block was even added to Minecraft by Mojang but didn’t make it possible to create armor from them.

The crafting recipe for chainmail armor would make sense by now since chainmail armor is quite appealing to plenty of players.

Single nugget smelt

Over time, survival players tend to accumulate an excess of armor, tools, and weapons. With enough diamonds, a player will likely no longer need iron or gold items.

Since upgrading these items is relatively easy, when they’re not being used, the less sturdy items are usually just stored away. Those tools could be turned back into their original items if they were repurposed. When the tool is no longer needed, an iron pickaxe, for example, could be transformed into iron ingots.

As of now, armor, tools, and weapons can be melted in furnaces, but the result is rather mundane. These items will be melted to yield a single nugget when smelted. You heard correctly, just a tiny nugget of iron or gold, not even an ingot.

Smelting even the chestplate, which required eight ingots to craft, will yield just one nugget. We have a hard time understanding why this game design choice was made.

Gold pickaxe vs Gold ore

One of the biggest things that seem illogical about Minecraft is the logic behind which pickaxe can mine gold ore. Watching the video above, it is easy to see this anomaly.

In order to mine through all these materials (wood, stone, iron, diamond, netherrite, and gold), these tools can be used. To put it another way, you can mine stone ore with a stone pickaxe, and diamond ore with a diamond pickaxe.

If you use a gold pickaxe, gold ore blocks will disappear, but no gold will be dropped. Does gold have any special properties that set it apart from other pickaxes that can mine through their origins blocks? Its code is just one of the wonders of Minecraft.

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