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Minecraft Player Again Creates Star Wars Opening Crawl. Talented Minecraft players have used the game’s Bedrock Edition to recreate the Star Wars: New Hope Opening Crawl.

Number1Nathan explained that you can join the Minecraft subreddit to create cloud textures in the Bedrock edition of the game and use in-game assets to create the iconic opening crawls for Episode 4.

This video also very well mimics the opening of Episode 4 and features the iconic Star Wars main theme.

One more Reddit user in the comments, TheSheriff240, said Number1Nathan changed the in-game time to night, flipped the letters, watched the video under the formation of clouds, and made the stars in the background visible. I suggested that we could take this one step further.

Another user contributes and said that the player can even let the clouds pass. And speed up and smooth the video. Nonetheless, Minecraft’s post received nearly 19,000 votes in the subreddit and received a lot of praise from the community.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition has a unique store called the Minecraft Marketplace, carefully selected to make the game easier and provide high-quality content.

The Mojang Studios has re-released both Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock Edition on June 7th. This allows players to buy both together in one bundle, rather than buying them separately.

This narrative party was organized by the founder of Minecraft

On Saturday, the founder of Minecraft Markus Persson (aka Notch) hosted “.party ()”, an experimental nightclub concept called programming joke that refers to the execution of “party functions or subroutines.”.

Created at the Los Angeles-based creative studio Production Club, the party attracted 1,800 participants using music sets such as Justice, 2ManyDjs, and surprise guests Zedd b2b Alvin Risk, Starya, and ARTY b2b Team. The purpose was to have a “possible” experience. EZY with real-time digital art and laser projection by over 30 VFX artists.

Corey Johnson, CEO of the Production Club, said that while much attention was paid to the Metaverse and how it lives and functions in a digital environment, it was a step in the opposite direction. “People are looking for connections, especially after a pandemic,” says Johnson. “Metaverse does not provide a connection with humans. At the end of the day, people love to be banged together in the room. I think our goal is to fix the experience to the physical and extend it digitally. ”

This is not the first time the Production Club has considered the future of live events. In 2020, it designed the “Micra shell”. This is a protective device that allows you to interact with the general public at no distance. The company also designed and produced immersive experiences for the technology, gaming, and music industries. This also includes Skrillex’s first major tour production. The Cell using projection mapping and real-time gaming technology, and Amazon Web Services’ 2019 Intersect Music Festival. Las Vegas. Just as Stage Craft, an immersive VFX set from Industrial Light & Magic, takes Disney actors and directors to distant galaxies, the production club dome aims to do the same for live event attendees. I am. Just replace the Mandalorian with EDM.

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