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For mods, servers, and graphics, which Minecraft version is best? It is how we explain it.

Can you tell me which version of Minecraft is the best? I have no idea how to answer that question. You can play any arrangement that suits you best, as most players are familiar with it. Are there any new players or players from a different platform who seek to jump on? It gets a little more complicated there. There are similarities between the two games, but vast differences.

What is the definitive version of Java Edition? Is Windows 10 Edition capable of slaying a five-year-old behemoth with updated tech? Comparing and contrasting cutting-edge science (read: research and opinion) can help you find the best version.


Mods are supported in both Minecraft versions. Because the Java Edition has been around since 2010 versus the Windows 10 release in 2015, there are a great deal more mods available for the first edition. If I may indulge my subjective bias for a moment, the quality of Java mods is much better than Windows 10 mods. Modding the Windows 10 Edition will never be easy, considering the OS was designed originally for mobile devices.


Microsoft Windows 10 offers free versions of all the above and the option to purchase in-game items. You will have to pay £17.35 for Java Edition in the UK and £22.49 for Windows 10 Edition if you are not familiar with Google’s service (both cost about $27 in the US). There is, however, one slight catch. Java Edition can be played entirely, including mods, textures, and everything else associated with Minecraft, without having to pay a dime.

A map pack, texture, skin, as well as new game modes are available. Although most gamers will balk at the idea of paying for Minecraft add-ons, as Microsoft has vetted windows 10’s third-party content, it’s a proven way for parents to extend their kids’ Minecraft version experience without needing to worry about security.


One version supports controllers, but the other does not. Controllers have not endorsed the Java Edition of Mojang despite its release in 2010.

 Most PC-centric gamers will not notice this, but if you are looking to switch from console gaming to PC, you will have to install a program, like JoyToKey, to establish a controller. In contrast, on Windows 10 Edition, you simply plug a controller in. The controller feature isn’t significantly used in this case, but having more features will always beat having fewer features.


This one’s friendly and straightforward. Both versions have servers.

Newcomers to the world of servers should know they are gigantic virtual worlds created and hosted online to support many users. Play adventure games, play PvP, create puzzle maps, and so on. The only thing wrong here is we’re connecting two separate versions of the same game, so Java Edition can’t connect to Windows 10, or Windows 10 can’t connect to Java Edition.

If you want to decide which version to use, it’s all about which version has more servers to your liking. The Java Edition has existed since the dawn of time, so it makes sense that it will include more features. It’s also an excellent server for The Walking Dead.

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