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Minecraft: Ways to form a blast furnace. Since the early days of game development, Minecraft has been able to use a regular oven. Traditional furnaces melt items every 10 seconds, making it a reliable but slow way to smelt ore. On the other hand, the new one melts twice as fast, so resources can be acquired faster. In this guide, you will learn how to create a blast furnace in Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions.

Ways to Make a Blast Furnace in Bedrock and Minecraft Java

Before you can create the furnace with Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition, you first need a regular one. To make a regular kamado, prepare eight cobblestones and a craft table. Place the boulders in an “O” shape around a 3×3 craft grid to create a kamado. Once you have an oven, you will need the following resources:

  • 5 Iron Ore: Take 5 iron ores, deep shale iron ore, or pig iron and smelt them in a newly purchased furnace. Potential fuel options include charcoal, coal, wood, fuel rods, and lava buckets.
  • 3 smooth stones: Take 3 regular stones and melt them in a furnace. To obtain regular stones, use a silk-touch pickaxe when mining stones or smelting cobblestones.

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Once you have 5 Iron Ingots and 3 Smooth Stones, return to the crafting table to craft the furnace. Starting with a regular kamado in the middle, and an iron ingot placed in an iron helmet pattern, followed by three smooth rocks at the bottom. Craft recipes are also shown in the image above. Place all items on the craft table grid to get a blast furnace.

In Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions, it works like a regular blast furnace. Apart from the increased speed, the main difference is that the ore can only be smelted in a blast furnace. Unlike a regular blast furnace, you cannot cook food, cobblestones, deep slate, or wood in the blast furnace.

Minecraft is available on PC, Android, iOS, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation platforms.

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